Steve Ritchie Started At The Bottom But Now Leads Papa Johns At The Top

Steve Ritchie is currently working as the Chief Executive Officer at Papa Johns, a position he recently acquired in January 2018. It is up to Steve Ritchie to make changes at Papa Johns and bring them back up to par with the rest of the market. One of the ways that Steve is doing this is by touring the nation to get feedback from employees. Steve Ritchie himself will visit many different restaurants to gather insight and form better ideas for integrating Papa Johns into the community as well as creating a better workplace. This is only one of many steps that Steve has planned for the rejuvenation of Papa Johns reputation in the market. He also wants to help individuals get started in their own franchises throughout various community outreach projects.

So far, Steve Ritchie has honored his dedication and has traveled to many different locations, including Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Steve Ritchie started at the very bottom at Papa Johns, so he knows the kind of work all levels of employees put in to contribute to their overall success. The men and women working at individual locations throughout the country are the real reason that Papa Johns has been able to flourish and create a community with customers in the past. According to Ritchie, some conversations about Papa Johns have been particularly critical, but necessary nonetheless to move the franchise in the right direction.

Teamwork is going to be one of the biggest factors in Papa Johns success and return to glory in the pizza industry. Steve Ritchie acknowledges this and is taking the necessary steps in order to ensure everyone works well together from the ground up. For Steve, creating a stronger bond and inspiring teamwork will go hand in hand with his goal to make Papa Johns a well-respected brand name again. Steve has even hired the help of outside professionals to offer insight and provide changes that will bring improvements to Papa Johns on nearly every level.

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