Hussain Sajwani- A Real Estate Mogul with a heart for Philanthropy

Hussain Sajwani sits at the helm of DAMAC properties, a property development company with global outreach. Hussain is a graduate of the University of Washington. His began his career in GASCO as a Contracts Manager. GASCO is one of the subsidiaries of Abu Dhabi Oil Company. Shortly after, Hussain went ahead to start his own catering business.

Hussain was among the pioneers that spearheaded the real estate expansion in Dubai. He took advantage of the influx of people witnessed in the mid 90’s, and he put up several hotels targeting the people coming to Dubai to conduct business. This venture led to the creation of DAMAC properties, which has grown to be one of the largest real estate development companies in the Emirates and the Middle East at large.

Hussain Sajwani’s Key Competencies and relationship with Donald Trump

Sajwani is an entrepreneur with a wide range of skills from sales, finance, marketing, legal and administration. These skills have been instrumental in driving the agenda for DAMAC properties. Part of DAMAC’s success is that they have established various prestigious projects in key cities such as Abu Dhabi, Amman, Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Beirut, and London. Besides being business partners, Hussain Sajwani reveals that not only him but also his entire family has close ties with Donald Trump. Their relationship goes beyond business and he even gives an examplw of how Ivanka Trump visits his wife regularly and vice versa.

DAMAC Properties

DAMAC properties is one of the top listed companies in the Dubai Financial Market. Over the years, it has gained over 2000 employees. It is also well reputed in the category of luxury properties. Currently, DAMAC has listed over 20, 200 homes. Its development portfolio stands well over 44, 000 units.

Hussain Sajwani’s Charitable Ventures

Hussain is not just an astute businessman, he has a big heart. DAMAC and Hussain have been involved in various charitable initiatives. One of them was to provide clothes to deprived children. In total, they have offered warm clothing to more than 50, 000 children around the world. The donations have been through money and kind gifts. Hussain believes that we should invest in the young as this cements the future. His charitable contributions are made with the objective of providing the right environment for the young generation and giving them a significant head start in life.

Hussain Sajwani’s contribution in the real estate and philanthropic ventures will impact and transform the lives of many even beyond the Middle East.


Ted Bauman Advises Multinational Investors To Be Cautious

A China trade war can definitely be the killer of this bull market. On the 30th of June we should hear the findings of China trade by the Trump Administration. The U.S. conventional trade has an outstanding balance with a yearly deficit of over $330 billion with China and then an estimated $550 billion deficit with the rest of the nations globally. Trump firmly believes tariffs are the answer. The majority of the trade issues are because of both Washington and corporate America. Those two entities and those involved have been leaning on low-labor and low tax areas since the beginning of the 1980s. Several of the companies with operations in China are weary of Trump’s belief. The are profiting close to $100 billion annually from China.

How Tariffs Will Affect The Market

Major retaliation on U.S companies who have ventured operations outside of the country will be a blow to the stock market. Large companies like Apple receive a large portion of their sales from China. A reduction in foreign sales will equate to less earnings are profits. In an extreme trade war, China will have an effect on commodity purchases, especially soybeans. Currently, the price to earnings ratio is high for the U.S. Reducing earnings will make these ratios lower. The S&P has been a strong contender, so far only dropping by 150 points since January, however, a trade war will be just the blow it needs to drop drastically. This war would chip away at the market on a global scale.

Ted Bauman Comments

Ted Bauman mentioned when you’re looking at these types of numbers regarding foreign income, there are sales surpluses globally. He also says that you should not want a trade war if you’re an investor in vulnerable multinationals. He says your interests depends on the companies themselves and not with their employees. Ted Bauman cautions, if the trade wars get out of control, its the capitalists that will get the immediate affect. Ted Bauman is the author of The Bauman Letter and he is one of lead people behind the Sovereign Investor Daily.

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Bernardo Chua Creates a Plethora of Products for OrganoGold

Bernardo Chua is someone that is taking the coffee industry by storm. He has become a valid part of the booming multi billion dollar coffee industry, and this is only the beginning of his reign as an entrepreneur.

It was easy for Chua to see how coffee could improve the lives of people that were looking for something that would boost their immune system and improve their health. Since he is a descendant of Asian culture he was well aware of the Ganoderma mushroom and the healing agent that Asians have been using for many years. He made the Ganoderma mushroom part of the coffee that he was distributing, and this became a gourmet coffee that was also linked to boosting the health of consumers that purchase this. Read more about Bernardo Chua at

All of this will play a very important part in the way that Bernardo made his expansion for the OrganoGold brand that he created. In time he would find that this mushroom was possible to implement into other new products like skin care and beverages such as teas and lattes. It would become advantageous for Bernardo Chua to expand his line and continue to build OrganoGold as one of the top independent coffee distribution chains.

He has been able to thoroughly utilized social media to his advantage to make a better brand that is marketed through his own website. He has been able to cut out the middleman and provide a whole new way for people to get beverages that are gourmet products that are not found in a typical Walmart or Publix grocery store.

Many people like the changes that have been instituted by Bernardo Chua and his brand of beverages and skin care products. He has proven that he has a plethora of ideals to implement with the Ganoderma mushroom.

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Why Ryan Seacrest Is a Media Personality with Immense Attention

Being a household name in a country or state is not a simple thing. It means you have had or still have immense influence in the community. Although there are several household names you would come across in America, you can’t miss Ryan Seacrest in that list. Most of the female audiences consider Ryan most appealing in his performances and entertainment activities. Although there have been some other radio personalities in America, Ryan has been among the most famous personalities. Most people came to know about Ryan when he worked on American Idol. Besides working on American Idol, Ryan also worked with a program called American Top 40.

According to Forbes, he came up with a radio show that helped him to make a crowd of faithful fans and followers. “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” was the radio show he hosted and became popular. Besides this radio show, he has served in several other radio shows as the producer. Although Ryan had been an ambitious radio presenter, he at one point became over-ambitious. This influenced him to do whatever he could to be nominated for the Emmy awards. His peers didn’t let him down since they nominated him for this award wholeheartedly. Having hosted American Idol in an electrifying manner, he was nominated and received the award.

Ryan got to another level in 2017 when he got a chance to partner with Kelly Ripa after Regis left. The show he hosted during this time was known as “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” With the anxious crowd Ryan Seacrest has had for several years, he is obliged to offer it an exciting performance. Don’t assume that Ryan is just focused on being a media personality. He is also involved in the clothing industry, and he has also come up with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation to help him organize and manage his philanthropic activities.

His foundation has been committed to inspiring the youth and helping other people realize they can do better than they ever thought. Ryan has touched many children’s lives through his entertainment initiatives and education programs in various hospitals in the country. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) has helped children with life-threatening illnesses and severe injuries to remain hopeful. The ability of these children to overcome the odds and fight for their lives has left Ryan encouraged and uplifted.

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Jim Toner Success Story

Jim Toner is one of the most famous names in the real estate industry, and he has an excellent development record in the industry. He has been hailed for his deep understanding of the sector and is believed to have been a source of inspiration for so many people.

Jim Toner is also a renowned radio presenter, philanthropist, consultant and a great public speaker. He has been able to educate over 130,000 people on the best investment strategies in the real estate. He possesses excellent skills regarding career growth, and he has been on the frontline helping as many people as possible attain their dream jobs. He is very optimistic about helping many people and has traveled in across all parts of the country trying to educate people on how well they can use their resources to benefit from the real estate business. He is a very successful business mogul who has been able to make a lot of fortunes from his investment.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner as a talented radio host has been able to use the knowledge and opportunity to reach out to his clients on making returns from real estate business. He mentioned on his crunchbase profile that he has also traveled throughout the country with the likes of Frank McKinney, Napoleon Hill Foundation, Sharon Lechter and people like Bill Bartmann who have a lot of expertise in the world of real estate investment. He is, therefore, a distinguished real estate consultant and his clients have always won on the journey.

Many people have been spending a lot of money so that they can meet Jim Toner (@thejimtoner,) who is always ready to help when needed. His expertise is what people look for so that they can manage to make the right life decisions. He is also a great real estate scholar and has all that is asks to help people become billionaires. He is always passionate and determined towards making the right decisions and have been on the frontline ensuring that there is a way out for the investors who join his club. He has been able to receive recognition through many awards because of his humble approach and professionalism. See this article about financial freedom by Jim Toner.

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How Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, Has Proved Himself as a Real Estate Titan

Over the years property development has become a lucrative industry, and one of the individuals who has cemented their names in this industry is Emirati billionaire Hussain Sajwani. The property development mogul is the fourth richest man in the world and owner of DAMAC Properties. His career started out in the Abu Dhabi gas industry. He worked in the finance sector for almost two years before he decided to quit and start his ventures. Hussain Sajwani invested in a catering service business which is called Global Logistics Services and currently provides meals in the international market with reputable clients like the United States Army.

In 1995, he realized the potential of the real estate market in Dubai and decided to venture into the industry by building small hotels, and in 2002 he founded DAMAC. DAMAC Properties is one of the leading global real estate companies. Today, DAMAC has developed more than 20,000 houses and still has almost 44,000 under development. It has been able to expand its presence in major cities like Doha, Dubai, and London. The company has worked with designers like Versace and Fendi to provide great finishing and décor in several of their projects. They have also developed a golf course which was designed by Tiger Woods and is operated by the Trump Foundation.

Saudi Projects said that Hussain Sajwani has been able to cultivate and maintain a healthy personal and business relationship with president Donald Trump. They have been spotted on different occasions attending each other’s social events like Trump’s New Year party which Hussain Sajwani and his family traveled from Dubai to attend. In addition to the golf course, the DAMAC owner and POTUS intend to do more business deals in the future.

When it comes to supporting the community, Hussain Sajwani leads by example. During Ramadhan, he donated AED 2 million towards Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s campaign to clothe one million children around the world. While making this generous donation, he pointed out that children were the future and it was essential to improve their living conditions. The DAMAC owner pledged to continue supporting Sheikh Mohammed’s initiatives to assist the less privileged.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Is Still Reaching New Levels In Real Estate

A visit to Dubai with a drive along the canal and a walk under its magnificent high rise buildings, and a passing through the financial district will give you a look at the work of DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani. Sajwani is one of the world’s wealthiest investors who is continuing to find bigger and better projects each year while building not only in the UAE but also in Lebanon, the UK, Maldives, and even in North and South America. He’s brought in designers from some of the top home interior brands including Versace, Bugatti and the Roberto Cavalli Group, but most importantly he has done an outstanding job with DAMAC Properties’ asset management. Sajwani’s developments and financial acumen have brought him several recognitions including “CEO of the Year” and “Real Estate Legend” from Arabian Business magazine.

Hussain Sajwani built his holdings over the course of 35 years starting out with a catering company. He was a contracts manager for the GASCO subsidiary of an Abu Dhabi oil company when he first opened the catering business, and over the next 10 years it generated millions in revenue. Hussain Sajwani started moving from there to private equity investing and then buying building supply companies and then entering real estate by buying small scale hotel properties outside of Dubai. But as his assets increased, he realized he could build large properties as the tourist market grew, and he became DAMAC owner in 2002 with the goal of doing just that.

The first two properties Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) completed as DAMAC owner were the Park Towers in the financial section of Dubai, and his seaside housing at Marina Terrace. The return on investment he gained led to the building of major 5-star properties at AKOYA Oxygen, the DAMAC Towers with one in Dubai and the other in Beirut, a multi-million dollar city within Dubai know as AYKON City and several major freehold units as part of the Trump Estates. Sajwani and current US President Donald Trump have been close friends for some time and both have turned Dubai into a top golfing location through construction of the Trump International Golf Club and the upcoming Trump World Resort.


Jeff Herman Files Lawsuit Against Catholic Diocese Of Allentown, PA

The lawsuit that is being brought forth states that in 2012 the alleged victim, who was only 16 at the time, was contacted through a gay social media app by Reverend Monsignor Francis Nave. The victim stated from the beginning that he was only 16 years old. He then stated that he was depressed, and Monsignor Nave told him, that as part of his job, he was there to help people and to listen to their problems.

The complaint alleges further that Monsignor Nave convinced the victim to conduct their counseling sessions via Skype or FaceTime after earning the victim’s trust. Then later after some initial counseling sessions, Monsignor Nave further convinced the youth to discard his clothes and to masturbate on camera for him. Monsignor Nave also did the same by removing his clothing and masturbating. Though despite this, the victim managed to take screenshots of several of the video counseling sessions.

In two of the screenshots that were released. One shows both Monsignor and the boy fully clothed and chatting with one another. The second showed the Monsignor with no clothing and his penis in his hand while talking with the underage boy — who was also naked at the time.

“This brave young man is coming forward to expose a sexual predator in a position of power at the Diocese of Allentown,” said Jeff Herman, the victim’s attorney. “He hopes to prevent future victims. It is appalling that in 2018 there are still sexual predators in the Catholic Church disguising themselves as men of God.”

Jeff Herman is a part of Herman Law for which Jeff has gained a national reputation for being one of the top attorneys in child sexual abuse cases. For over a decade, Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them. Jeff Herman has been identified for his distinctive techniques of cross-examining.

He founded Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.”Herman Law has earned over $200 million in settlements for the victims of sexual abuse and has gained a reputation as vanguard of justice for sexually abused. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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The New Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

When Betsy DeVos accepted the nomination to be Secretary of Education, a chorus of opposition rose up to complain. Mrs. DeVos was a tenacious fighter for Charter schools and pluralism. She was a leading advocate for school choice that many people considered to be the opposite of public education. The opposition centered on Mrs. DeVos lack of connection to public education. They perceived that charter and school voucher alternative as a force that diminished public education. Mrs. DeVos disagreed.


– Strong Efforts not Strong Words

Mrs. DeVos has a reputation earned in the battles she fought and won in Michigan and across the US. She believes in Charter Schools, school choice, and educational pluralism. Secretary DeVos is not confrontational and does not use loud displays to get her point across to others. She is always polite, and she is always determined.


As a philanthropist and advocate, Mrs. DeVos places importance on the role of the family in a child’s education and that the family’s right to choose is an important consideration. In the debate that led to her confirmation, Mrs. De Vos made a firm stand. Her position was clear; the role of education in American society is undeniably vital, but there is no single source- no magical one-size fits all. Education is necessary; it is vital to the national economic and social well-being. Citizens cannot carry out the duties of citizenship without knowledge and understanding. Education is not confined to public schools, and it is not limited to schools at all. Life experience can be the best teacher that includes family, church, and other places that we learn.


– True to Her Roots

Mrs. DeVos grew up in Western Michigan in the Holland Michigan community. The area has a rich tradition that immigrated from Europe of Dutch Reformed Church and Calvinism. Mrs. De Vos had a private education that included matriculation through Calvin College. The Calvinist theory of educational pluralism influenced her religious and formal educational training. Pluralism recognizes the value of many forms of education including faith-based institutions.


– Diversity in Education

Mrs. DeVos made an appearance in Florida with the Rapper Pitbull. The occasion included recognition of one of the Charter schools that the music artist founded and sponsors. Charter education does provide a proven method for improving educational choices in a given community. For some parents, it represents an affordable option to a poorly performing public school system. The goal is to provide the best educational opportunity for our children. We have a long period to debate the pros and cons, but a child only passes through the system once.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

Surprising Effects of Trauma And How Talkspace Can Help

While a lot of people who get therapy get it because of depression anxiety, there are a ton of people who need therapy who might not be getting it. Among the people who may need therapy but are not getting it are people who have experienced some kind of trauma. The good news is that Talkspace is great for people who have experienced any type of trauma. One thing that people need to understand is that trauma can affect them in ways that they don’t realize. While people may not always fall into depression and anxiety like Michael Phelps, there are other ways that trauma often affects people.

One of the ways that people are affected by trauma is that their judgment is impaired. Often times, people make decisions that are not good for them or their lives. One of the common forms of this is that they choose the wrong types of people to associate with. For instance, they find themselves making friends with people that bully them. Toxic people can often bring people down. Another way trauma affects them is through their choices of people for their romantic relationships. Fortunately, Talkspace can give people support with their affordable and convenient therapy.

One of the best ways that Talkspace can help people is by allowing them to let them know what they have a problem with. Then the therapist of Talkspace can offer them insights or give them things to consider when it comes to their relationships. This can help them figure out why they choose the types of people to associate with. Then this can help them develop healthier relationships. The best thing about Talkspace is that they have tons of information about what can be done about the mental health of people who have their different struggles.