OSI Group McDonalds : The partnership heard around the world

Founded by Otto Kolschowsky back at the turn of the 20th century, OSI Group has come a long way from its humble street corner beginnings. Today it stands as one of the nations if not the worlds largest food providers. Years after its foundation, OSI Group was a growing business, however, it never could reach the heights it wanted to, not until a man named Ray Kroc stepped into the picture with his idea of creating a uniformed meat product that could be sold and shipped all over the country.

Ray Krock had a vision that could only be fulfilled by a company that has accumulated years upon years of experience and in addition was willing to innovate in order to produce a unformed meat, which at the time was not done regularly on a mass scale. A partnership soon proceded with OSI Group and would go on to be one of the greatest deals ever made in modern American history. OSI Group Mcdonalds as many see it now would not only deliver on the promise of providing Roy Kroc’s Mcdonald’s restaurants with the uninformed meat as asked but went a step further in also building separate plants where all OSI Group Mcdonalds business would be conducted.

How did OSI Group Mcdonalds accomplish such a demand? Well, the pressure put on OSI Group to create the vision of a uniformed meat product is what ultimately began growing the company leaps and bounds over the next two decades. Call it luck or divine intervention, but in the 1960s a new technological breakthrough in flash freezing occurred called cryogenic food processing which now allowed food providers such as OSI Group Mcdonalds to freeze their product quickly and reduce the cost of shipment. This was it, the partnership and opportunity that OSI Group needed to ultimately become one of the largest food providers in the industry.

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