Lincolnshire Management: A Lesson on Investment

Lincolnshire Management has privatized equity company which focuses on the control of investments, especially in the growing middle market firms. There is a wide investment by the Lincolnshire Management on the different industries. The firm boasts of over 85 acquisitions which date back to the last three decades.


The firm has its headquarters in New York. Lincolnshire has also its regional office in Chicago. The Lincolnshire has invested in the acquisitions through private firms, corporate divestitures, growth equity of public and private firms, and recapitalizations.


The firm was founded in 1986 as a private equity firm. Over the 30 years, it has been in operation, it has focused on investment in the middle market firms. Apart from the regional office in Chicago, it also has regional offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta.


The success of the Lincolnshire Management has been attributed to the collaborative effort to the private equity investment. It has also drawn on the extensive investment experience on the different cycles and in the various sectors.


When it comes to investment, the firm has close to $2 billion in the private equity funds which are under management. This is inclusive of the recent close to $835 million addition to the Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV. This is a boost as the previous Lincolnshire both Fund II and III topped the list for the private equity funds.


The firm has put in place a team made of investment professionals who are dedicated in the sourcing investment opportunities maintained through the wide network of contacts created over the course of their operation.


Over the course of its operations, Lincolnshire Management has realized a number of investments through the multiple funds. Some of the representative realizations that were part of the process include; 3SI Security Systems, Aerosim, Bankruptcy Management Solutions, Credential Services International, Prince Sport and Williams Machine and Tools among many.


Lincolnshire Management has been at the forefront of investing in the broad variety of different sectors through the acquisitions since its inception. The firm has top-level professions wit enough experience and both operational and managerial expertise in offering portfolio firms the resource of the experience to realize their goals.

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