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Todd Levine is a Miami based attorney that specializes in complex commercial litigation. He tries cases involving commercial real estate projects, financial transactions, investment partnerships, and finance arrangements. He is a founding member of the law firm, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L. In a recent interview published in Idea Mensch, Todd Levine explained his rise to success as an award-winning litigator.


– Preparation and Creativity


Complex civil litigation is a difficult area of legal practice. The cases offer challenging levels of complexity, and the specifics of cases involving finance, construction contracts, entertainment deals can be extremely technical. The challenge for the trial attorney often rests on the difficulty of the evidence for juries and judges that must decide cases. If a lawyer wishes to persuade the decider of fact, then he and she must first help them understand the case.


Todd Levine demonstrates a rare ability to simplify complicated issues and help decision makers grasp the essential points and the entire picture. The key to Todd Levine’s success as a litigator is his ability to reduce and communicate complex questions into understandable terms.


– Preparation Is the Advantage

Todd Levine believes in preparation; detailed and intensive study and analysis form the foundation for creative assessments of the legal issues at trial. Following a firm procedure of research, analysis, and assessment, Attorney Levine outlines a comprehensive and winning strategy. The emphasis on preparation creates a foundation for creative formulations. The road to winning in court is a simple and clear path towards understanding.


The Whole Person-

Before college and law school, he displayed a remarkable sense of discipline when pursuing activities that he preferred. For example, he has been deeply involved in music most of his life. He has played guitar since age ten. As a father, he continues his love for music with his family. He enjoys music with his sons that are accomplished musicians in their own rights.


-A Modern Law Practice

Using the revised versions of Westlaw and the research aid software called Eclipse, the law firm applies Todd Levine’s maxim of being prepared. The software systems support an efficient effort among the staff and attorneys for a thorough examination of evidence and a clear trial strategy.

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