How Dr. Dov Rand advances his knowledge to improve his practice

A popular maxim says that the end of school is not the end of education. This is especially true if you are in a fast advancing field such as the medical field, where physicians are always seeking new information. Dr. Dov Rand, the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centres, is the top doctor in his field of practice.

According to Dr. Dov Rand, acquiring new information and conducting research has been one of the primary factors that have made him the top medic. Subsequently, Dr. Dov Rand regularly updates his knowledge by attending several top medical conferences and picking the minds of his peers, because he believes that there is always a better treatment for an illness.

Dr. Dov Rand says that is of utmost importance that he keeps his mind active, as that will trickle down to his practice, and in essence, improving service to his patients. It is this level of passion that Dr. Dov Rand has exhibited in his practice that has gained him a spot among the elite medical practitioners in the United States. Healthy Aging Medical Centres are mainly focused on helping their patients attain maximum health and productivity in the entirety of their lives.

To achieve this, Dr. Dov Rand integrates new medical inventions in his practice, so that his patients receive the best care available. One of the conditions that Dr. Dov Rand has addressed uniquely is erectile dysfunction, which is a common illness in the modern era. While most physicians will only treat the condition by prescribing the existing treatment plans, Dr. Dov Rand goes the extra mile and examines in depth the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

This means that Dov Rand addresses dietary, general physical fitness and nutrition, as opposed to just prescribing medicine. This is part of Dr. Dov Rand’s practice philosophy that zeroes on holistic treatment, which is centered on the patient.

Dr. Dov Rand was an undergraduate student at Rutgers University and afterward attended Howard University for his medical studies. After years of practice, established Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which has gained a reputation as the ideal place for anti-aging services, bio-identical hormone therapy, and weight loss assistance.

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