Dick DeVos: The Good in the Wealth of the DeVoses

Dick DeVos takes philanthropy seriously. As one of the members of the most affluent families in America, it’s unfathomable why Dick and his family came up with a decision of giving away millions of dollars, but they did. And their record is as impressive as you’d expect.



The wealth of the DeVos is no joke. Dick’s father, the late Richard DeVos Sr., was the co-founder of the multi-billion company Amway. It’s a multi-level marketing company that offers health, beauty, and home care products, which has received some criticisms over the years. But it didn’t stop the family from building a mammoth of a company who gave Dick’s father a net worth of $5 billion at the time of his death. That’s essentially where Dick’s wealth comes from. It’s where he gets his resources for the charities he supports.



Dick’s parents founded a charity called the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. The philanthropist took inspiration from his parents and created a charity of his own — something that he and his wife could call their own.



Dick’s wife happens to be the US Secretary of Education, Betsy Prince. Together, they founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a charitable organization who has been in the service of the Americans since the 1980s.



The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation primarily focuses on school choice, but they also support causes in community health, arts, and neighborhood improvements. The foundation has awarded educational grants to several institutions. One of the recipients is the West Michigan Aviation Academy, an aviation charter school in Grand Rapids. They also support the Christian organization called the Potter’s House in Michigan and the Education Freedom Fund.



It’s clear that the DeVoses are heavy supporters of education, but they have also contributed to politically conservative organizations in their home state, including the Federalist Society, American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, Council for National Policy, Makinac Center for Public Policy, Acton Institute, and Traditional Values Coalition.



Ask Dick DeVos why he and his family do this and his answer will inspire you. He was once quoted saying, “…helping the poor and disadvantaged is a driving principle of their world-view and it’s reflected in the history of their foundation.”



Dick served as the CEO of the Orlando Magic, which his father bought in 1991. He now manages the Grand Rapids-based investment management firm The Windquest Group, which he also co-founded with his wife.



Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about  to learn more.


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