ClassDojo: New App Creates Happy Classrooms

Students, teachers, and parents should expect to have a different mood in the classrooms thanks to ClassDojo. It is an application that has been built to improve communication between the three parties. The developers of the app say that they created it to overcome the challenges that students used to face when seeking information. For instance, some files could not be easily accessed and therefore, creating a chat app that can send every type of information is the only way to make things easy. Considering that young people love chat apps, there is no doubt that it will change the way they communicate.

Happiness in classrooms

The company says that ClassDojo was introduced to create “Happy Classrooms.” This is an indication that they wanted to create something that will be a source of fun even as it is used to share important informant. In addition to that, it will not only be used to share classroom information but also to send necessary materials to homes so that parents can see them too. For instance, if a parent wants to see how their child is performing at school, they can log onto the app, and all the information will be there to see.

Changing their mindset and giving them a voice

ClassDojo will also be used to mentor students so that they change their attitude towards education and life in general. It is believed that some of the problems that young people face are a result of a lack of a platform to share their opinion. Some of them feel gagged and do not have a voice at all. According to several studies, such a situation leads to a lack of positive culture and therefore, you [people do not get a chance to grow in all aspects. All these things will be corrected with the usage of this classroom application.

Recently, ClassDojo developers said that they had raised $35 million in funding. This money is supposed to be used to expand its services in two significant ways. First, they hope to upgrade the application to incorporate some features that will make it even better. In addition to that, they want to introduce a new optional subscriptions feature that will deliver information to homes.

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