Oren Frank: Why Talkspace is the New Platform for Providing Diagnosis and Treatment for Patients with Mental Disorders

Mental health issues such as anxiety in addition to depression continue to be on the rise across the world. Being a global leader in offering online therapy for patients with such illnesses, Talkspace announced that it’s serious about hiring additional employees and has recently brought on board Neil Leibowitz, who initially worked at UnitedHealth as an executive health director. This addition comes as the online therapy provider shapes its enterprise by transforming into a potential IPO.

Regarding the new appointment of an executive, Oren Frank, the CEO of Talkspace stated to CNBC that as a company that provides a $ 79 weekly service for having a talk with a therapist online or approximately $ 49 service for texting a mental healthcare professional, the firm recently hit 1 million subscribers after over five years of serving in business. He added that the organization is generating millions of dollars in profits. Read more about Oren Frank at cnbc.com

The primary focus of the organization is providing mental healthcare to patients. With Leibowitz on board, Talkspace’s healthcare practitioners will soon be prescribing medicine particularly when it’s needed. Independent consultants who also serve as psychiatrists will be in a position to prescribe medication and therapy via the created video tool because of the federal regulations. Leibowitz also added that Talkspace hasn’t decided if there are medications it will avoid prescribing, for instance, opiates. Being a former insurance executive, Mr. Leibonwitz is bringing on corporate board experience, which Oren Frank believes will represent half of the organization’s revenue. The organization was getting into traction in the same area because of a partnership with Magellan Health.

Oren Frank is a firm believer in the influence of innovation to a better society. Born and raised in Israel, he developed a strong career background in marketing as well as advertising. He resides in New York and is the head cheerleader of Talkspace.

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Surprising Effects of Trauma And How Talkspace Can Help

While a lot of people who get therapy get it because of depression anxiety, there are a ton of people who need therapy who might not be getting it. Among the people who may need therapy but are not getting it are people who have experienced some kind of trauma. The good news is that Talkspace is great for people who have experienced any type of trauma. One thing that people need to understand is that trauma can affect them in ways that they don’t realize. While people may not always fall into depression and anxiety like Michael Phelps, there are other ways that trauma often affects people.

One of the ways that people are affected by trauma is that their judgment is impaired. Often times, people make decisions that are not good for them or their lives. One of the common forms of this is that they choose the wrong types of people to associate with. For instance, they find themselves making friends with people that bully them. Toxic people can often bring people down. Another way trauma affects them is through their choices of people for their romantic relationships. Fortunately, Talkspace can give people support with their affordable and convenient therapy.

One of the best ways that Talkspace can help people is by allowing them to let them know what they have a problem with. Then the therapist of Talkspace can offer them insights or give them things to consider when it comes to their relationships. This can help them figure out why they choose the types of people to associate with. Then this can help them develop healthier relationships. The best thing about Talkspace is that they have tons of information about what can be done about the mental health of people who have their different struggles.