Steve Ritchie And The Pizza Industry


The significance of pizza is to satisfy our hunger and craving. It has been a delicious and favorable meal for decades now because of its available options of flavors, crust, and toppings. Pizza is the most common food that is served when it comes to celebrations and parties, it promises to be there for you in any occasion just like Papa John’s Pizza.

The Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s International is Steve Ritchie. Ever since he became the President of Papa John’s the company’s progress developed and grew all the more and the wonderful taste of Papa John’s pizza is loved by millions of people all over the globe. Today, Papa John’s is considered as one of the largest and the third biggest pizza company ever.

Meet the CEO of Papa John’s

A brief background of Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s would be his dedication and commitment to the company for over two decades ever since 1996. The man certainly deserves the Chief Executive Officer position that he was able to acquire last January 2018. Before becoming the CEO of the organization, he has worked different roles such as becoming a franchise owner of Papa John’s, delivery driver, area supervisor, general manager, customer service representative, vice president, director, and chief operating officer. Steve Ritchie clearly knows and understands how the company operates because of his positions and roles in the past.

The career of Steve Ritchie has been shaped and molded at Papa John’s, and the whole organization is very grateful for his loyalty, hard work, and perseverance. The company was rated as number one in the United States of America for 16 times over the past 18 years by the ACSI or the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Papa John’s has more than a hundred and twenty thousand employees worldwide and more than five thousand stores located in every area and most countries of the world.

According to Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s value respect, fairness, opportunity, and equity. It continues to innovate and build ideas that are suitable for the people who support the company and their whole organization in the long run. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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