Bhanu Choudhrie: Expanding C&C Alpha Group Operations in the Middle East

C&C Alpha Group was founded in 2002 to serve as a holding company for a group of venture companies who have in business for more than three decades. Since then, it has expanded into various industries and markets. UK businessman and C&C Alpha Group director Bhanu Choudhrie has revealed plans to join the Saudi market in different sectors. However, the group is treading with caution by sticking to markets it understands since the world is very unpredictable at the moment.


Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector is ripe for investment. The company’s Shanti Hospitality Group owns 24 hotels globally under the following brands: Ananda, Nidra Hotels, Nira Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels, and Starwood Hotels. Given young Saudis are very conscious of their health and fitness, Bhanu Choudhrie says it is the right time to enter the market through Ananda, his wellness hotel brand. Learn more about the group’s portfolio at


The UAE is growing into a global transport hub. Bhanu Choudhrie and his company have already made some investments in the aviation sector. However, given how fast the industry is growing, it is time to expand their investments. C&C Alpha Group has an aviation school in Sharjah. The Alpha Aviation Academy trains short haul airline pilots, and it is currently training 120 recruits. However, this capacity is not enough. Since there is limited space airspace in the Middle East, the company is looking to set up a campus in Europe. This means some of the courses will be offered abroad. With the current of female pilots in the industry, the company is looking to increase the number of female students it recruits for training to 20% of each cohort.


Located in the desert, Saudi Arabia’s demand for water and electricity is increasing rapidly thanks to the heavy infrastructural investment in the country. Under Alpha Utilities, Bhanu Choudhrie is focused on expanding the production of its Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination (SWRO) plant from 0.5 million gallons to 2 million gallons of water a day due to a rise in demand from the Hamriyah Free Trade Zone Authority. The utility company has also secured a deal in Sharjah to build a desalination plant with a capacity of generating 2.2 million gallons of water per day.



Stream Cares For Philanthropy

Stream Energy recently launched the foundation Stream Cares. The company has always been involved in philanthropy, and the foundation helped the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. Lives and homes were lost in the flood, and Stream Energy was the first to help victims begin to rebuild their lives. The response to the losses caused by Hurricane Harvey is a perfect example of how businesses such as Stream Energy revolve around philanthropy and also charity.

A business launching a philanthropic arm is somewhat new, but it has its advantages. It allows the company to give back to its community and gain loyal clients. A company giving to its community is always made public. It’s especially noticeable during hard times or when disaster strikes. According to statistics, businesses will go above and beyond in terms of generosity. They give billions of dollars to charities across the country. Stream Energy has long term relationships with charitable organizations such as the Red Cross. Its employees have worked to give the company a track record of philanthropy.

The model for Stream Energy is to have a whole network of clients and be able to provide various services. Associates of the company individually make money through the sales of these services. A cause these associates are passionate about is people in the community being homeless. They have partnered up with Hope Supply Company to help homeless people and kids. They held a Splash for Hope event to bring homeless children to a water park and provide homeless families with money and needed supplies.

Stream was also quick to respond to victims of a tornado a few years ago. They worked with the Salvation Army to raise money towards homes and businesses lost by the tornado. Associates have also participated in an Operation Once In A Lifetime and an American Girl Doll Experience event.

Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus, A New York City Patron

Victoria Doramus, a New York City friend, sets the example of a true philanthropist. As a patron for humanitarian needs, Doramus began her career in the areas of creative writing and marketing. With a focus on trend analysis and project management skills, she understands the nature of success. Today, hailed as an Recovery Expert in the area of a Nonprofit Organization Management, spends much of her time volunteering.

With a keen ability to teach individuals to overcome misconceived failures, Victoria Doramus takes part in the New York City, Woman’s Prison Association (WPA). This nonprofit advocacy organization assists women throughout this overwhelming process. Whether within the initial stages or during the sentence time, volunteers participate with peer supported mentoring. When faced with incarceration, Doramus draws from her own experience and wants no one to feel alone.

Another endeavor, Victoria Doramus supports is crisis of suicide and drug abuse. Again, drawing from her own experiences, Doramus understands the importance of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. This charity (started by the singer’s parents) focuses on the prevention of other young adults falling victim to this preventable epidemic. Providing an artists (through the availability of a practice music studio and a halfway house) a productive way to their dreams and aspirations.

Two other commendable areas include the Room to Read, literacy program and the Best Friends Animal Society. Respectively, children benefit from the accessibility of books and animals gain a sanctuary from puppy mills. Doramus believes everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive from neglect and abuse. Visit This Page for additional information.

Victoria Doramus plans to continue her success gained from her creative communication skills to reach out to others faced with difficult challenges. Through her skills as a marketing expert, New York City communities and worldwide prosper from her experience and knowledge. With a compassionate heart, Doramus offers a much needed, commendable value to society.


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