The music life of Alex Pall

The Chainsmokers catapulted to fame when their single ‘#Selfie’ went viral. The duo quickly became a household name with their smash hit. Yet the popularity didn’t come overnight. Alex Pall, one half of the group, initially started DJing as a hobby that quickly changed into a passion. Once he decided to leave his daytime job to follow a career as a DJ fulltime, he came across the hurdles of trying to survive in a career which did not have the job security and the income regularity of a normal 9 to 5 job.

Alex’s manager, Adam, was the one who introduced him to Andrew Taggart and the two formed ‘The Chainsmokers’. The two worked side by side to carve out a musical identity for themselves. In the world of music where so many people have tried to make it big, it is important to stand out and have a clear musical identity which is exactly what the two did. Aside from having a set direction in mind for their music, which happened to be an amalgamation of EDM (electronic dance music) and pop, the two worked hard from day to night. Creating music became a job with several hours a day being dedicated to creating, editing, producing and recording music which the two felt passionate about.

So the story of the Chainsmokers is not the story of an overnight success, it is a story of ambition meeting struggle. Most viral trends simply get categorized as one hit wonders, whereas the Chainsmokers have proved themselves to be much more than mere one hit wonders. Their consistent hard work has resulted in worldwide fame with hit after hit. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart combine their DJing background with the popular trends in music and partner up with famous artists to create art in the form of music.

The Music and The Videos of The Chainsmokers and How Well They Work Together

One of the best aspects of The Chainsmokers is that they make sure that the music and the images are a match for each other. When they think about the video to their music, they look very hard at the type of images that can match the mood of the music. They also think about ways to make the images work with the music. This results in some of the best visuals that come with the music. Another interesting aspect of the music videos of The Chainsmokers is that they sometimes tell a story that is influenced by the lyrical content of the song.


One of the best aspects of The Chainsmokers’s music video is that they do not pull any punches. They let their artistic creativity flow. They do not worry about offending people. One thing they focus on is getting their point across so that people will get the message. At the same time, they want to make music that people can dance to. After all, one of the people in the group is a DJ. This is one of the factors to their relevance in the music industry. They are not afraid to show their unique vision and personality.

The Chainsmokers is one of the artists that are bringing forth artistic music in this era. One of the best things about this era is that artists are bringing forth sounds that are a little more reminiscent of the older days. A lot of the music is very experiment in which are taking something from some of the older eras and blending them together to make something that is very elegant. They even use different cultures for influence. One good thing about this era is that it is a lot easier to bring something to the audience which will bring them fame.