GreenSky Has Become A Main Attraction For Fans Around The Country

GreenSky Bluegrass is an up and coming five-piece band who is currently touring the Midwest and the Southwest United States. They have a unique sound that is a blend of traditional rock and roll, country, and Bluegrass.

GreenSky’s Rising Star

GreenSky has been around for some time, having formed in 2000. The founding members of the band are Dave Brazzaville, Paul Hoffman, and Michael Arlen Bont. The band has also released several albums over their career. Their freshman album made in 2004 and titled Less Than Supper. Their next album, Tuesday Letter, was released in 2006. Including their last album named Shouted, Written Down & Quoted in 2016, there were seven more albums to their credit. Over the years, the band had begun to pack out venues and large festivals. In fact, many of their tour locations this winter have been sold out already.

Currently On Tour

The band recently began their 2018/2019 winter tour throughout the Westcoast, Midwest, and Southwest United States. The tour began in California and will travel through several Midwest states and then South into Texas. Tickets are extremely limited or already sold out for much of the remaining tour stops. Not to worry, though. GreenSky tours regularly and will likely announce another tour in the very near future. Fans can stay up to date on show and tour announcements through their official website.

Fresh Sounds For Bluegrass And Rock Fans

Whether you have already heard GreenSky or are new to their sound, you can appreciate its fresh quality. They are unlike other bands in their genre and feel that they create their own unique sound that breaks the traditional rules of Bluegrass. If you are looking for something new and exciting to listen to, then this band may just fill the slot.

For more information about GreenSky Bluegrass, visit their website and check out some of the songs they have posted on the internet. If you like what you hear, check the website frequently to see if they announce shows near you.