New Therapy Helper “Jack” To Assist Roseann Bennett In Her Practice


Canines have been faithful and loyal companions for centuries. Canines are highly trainable to assist individuals with disabilities, work as protection animals, and calmly assist others through seizures, anxiety, or panic attacks. Studies have proven that canine assistance animals have the ability to help individuals, especially children open up and discuss issues that are bothering them all while focusing on the canine partner.

Jack, the newest member or Roseann Bennett’s team, had been chosen by Roseann Bennett for his promising, calm demeanor earlier this year. There is a lot of training that needs to be completed for Jack to be an official therapy assistance animal. Jack just completed a rigorous two week course in obedience training this past summer and continues to take training. Jack is also living with the Bennett’s and learning to interact with the Bennett’s child so that he can assist in children’s therapy. The addition of Jack to the Center will not be replacing any therapies, but will be used to enhance current therapies. Go Here for related Information.

The Center for Assessment and Treatment was started by both Bennett’s as a way to treat those patients with mental health issues who might not be able to otherwise afford treatment or whose insurance only covers certain services. The Center was started by the Bennett’s with their own money and still operates through private funds. Roseann firmly believes that treatment plans should not be dictated by insurance plans or what is covered/ not covered. Roseann recently incorporated “Canine Assisted Therapy” in the Center’s innovative approach to mental health issues.

Before founding the Center, Roseann had over ten years’ experience     in offering home therapy services to families and individuals in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Ms. Bennett is a graduate of Seton Hall University with a MA in Psychological Studies and an EdS in Marriage and Family Therapy.