Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus, A New York City Patron

Victoria Doramus, a New York City friend, sets the example of a true philanthropist. As a patron for humanitarian needs, Doramus began her career in the areas of creative writing and marketing. With a focus on trend analysis and project management skills, she understands the nature of success. Today, hailed as an Recovery Expert in the area of a Nonprofit Organization Management, spends much of her time volunteering.

With a keen ability to teach individuals to overcome misconceived failures, Victoria Doramus takes part in the New York City, Woman’s Prison Association (WPA). This nonprofit advocacy organization assists women throughout this overwhelming process. Whether within the initial stages or during the sentence time, volunteers participate with peer supported mentoring. When faced with incarceration, Doramus draws from her own experience and wants no one to feel alone.

Another endeavor, Victoria Doramus supports is crisis of suicide and drug abuse. Again, drawing from her own experiences, Doramus understands the importance of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. This charity (started by the singer’s parents) focuses on the prevention of other young adults falling victim to this preventable epidemic. Providing an artists (through the availability of a practice music studio and a halfway house) a productive way to their dreams and aspirations.

Two other commendable areas include the Room to Read, literacy program and the Best Friends Animal Society. Respectively, children benefit from the accessibility of books and animals gain a sanctuary from puppy mills. Doramus believes everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive from neglect and abuse. Visit This Page for additional information.

Victoria Doramus plans to continue her success gained from her creative communication skills to reach out to others faced with difficult challenges. Through her skills as a marketing expert, New York City communities and worldwide prosper from her experience and knowledge. With a compassionate heart, Doramus offers a much needed, commendable value to society.


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