The innovations of Serge Belamant

In 1980, Serge Belamant was named the analyst of the year while working with Cybernet application support team. This is one of the early achievements of Belamant, renowned tech experts especially in the field of financial technology. He is the patent holder of the blockchain technology, a technology that has become prominent in recent years after the invention of the cryptocurrencies.

Serge has had a great career as a tech expert. He started working at the age of 22 after dropping out of the university, but his star continued to shine thereafter. His breakthrough in his career came after SASWITCH hired him as the head of the IT department. The RSA banks owned this organization. The organization at the time was facing the challenge of recording real-time timestamps of transactions. Belamant was delegated the duty of dealing with the problem. Through his innovative mind, he managed to come up with a new National ATM board that worked without a fault. The innovations that he made while designing the new machine were exceptional. Never again had such innovation been made before. After this invention, Serge Belamant left SASWITCH to create NET1 Technologies in 1989. This company was built on the bases of some of the invention he had made while working with SAWSWITCH.

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At NET1 technologies, Serge Belamant created the Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS). This is the technology that he intended to use as he geared towards making even a greater impact in the financial industry.

NET1 Technologies later realized its breakthrough after they were hired by VISA to design a smart card using the UEPS technology. To complete this project, Serge Belamant had to move to the United States where everything he needed was available. Later NET1 Technologies was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange after Belamant returned to South Africa.

NET1 also made another great achievement after it bought Cash Payment Services, a system that was used to pay welfare funds to over one million residents of RSA, mostly living in the remote parts of the country. This system was in need of modernization, and Serge Belamant modernized it to accomplish the set objectives of facilitating secure and swift disbursements.


CloudWick: Solutions To Today’s Complex Cyber Security Issues

With cyber criminals always coming up with new ways to steal data, it has become important for those in charge of companies to make cyber security a major part of their operations. To do so, more organizations are turning to experts such as CloudWick. Comprised of experienced and knowledgeable data scientists, engineers, developers, and other IT experts, CloudWick can offer a variety of solutions to combat today’s most challenging cyber security issues.

Perhaps the biggest innovation in cyber security in recent years, the data lake can serve a variety of purposes for large and small companies and organizations. One of these is known as CDL Capture, which allows a company’s network to capture and write virtual, event, and log data to a data lake in a cloud, on-premises, or hybrid combination. Due to such large amounts of data needing to be processed within a business environment, CDL Capture can meet the needs of any organization. By having the capability to capture more than 1 million events and logs per second, all data can be kept secure.

Of course, once data is captured, it has to be managed in an effective and safe manner. To do this, CloudWick offers CDL Manager. Considered the best end-to-end data lake management system in the industry, it can be a key component of any security operations center. By employing advanced analytic software, the CDL Manager can allow for easy access to data, along with the ability to compute, store, and search data in a cloud environment. Whether it is Parsing and ETL, Indexing, or needing access to an Open Data Model, CDL Manager can make it possible.

And for companies interested in designing and building their own data lake cluster, CloudWick can offer assistance via the CDL Data Center. Able to run on existing Cloudera clusters, it can also be integrated with an existing dedicated cluster. And best of all, no big data experience is required, making this an attractive option for businesses of all types.

By making these CloudWick components part of your company’s cyber security plan, data can be kept safe and secure.