Securus Technologies – Leading Technology Services Provider to the Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies is known as the leading provider of inmate communication services in the prison technology world. Other services provided by the company include emergency response, incident management, public information, crime prevention technology, government information management system, parolee tracking system, inmate self-service, data management, verification, investigative solutions and technology, and more. The company also offers money transfer service that makes it seamless for the prisoners to send and receive money from the prison facility itself.


The family and friends of inmates can send them money legally without actually having to visit the jail in just a few clicks, and through the mobile phone as well. Such technology has helped in making the lives of inmates easier inside the prison. The company was established in 1986 with the aim to transform the correctional industry through the use of modern technology, and it has been able to achieve that sustainably in the past thirty years and more.


One of the good things about Securus Technologies is that it doesn’t outsource its customer service and has an in-house customer service department that has over a thousand customer care executives. These officials work overtime to ensure that any and all feedback of the customers are taken seriously, and their grievances are acted upon immediately. Securus Technologies has become pioneers in the cell phone technology for the correctional industry and in 2016 partnered with Harris Corporation to launch the Cell Defender Technology.


Recently, the company also announced the launch of its new Wireless Containment Solution, which the company developed to ensure more security for the cellular network for the inmates. Such a technology would ensure that the cell phones of the inmates do not connect with other networks. Securus Technologies is committed to the safety and convenience of both the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers and has been able to maintain a consistent balance in servicing both these sectors for past three decades.