Sheldon Lavin Discusses His Plans As CEO And Chairman For OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in the year 1970 as an investment consultant to the then founder and leader of the OSI Group Otto & Sons. After a long successful leadership of the OSI Group under its owner and founder Otto & Sons, it was decided to take in Sheldon Lavin as a partner to the company in the year 1975. This was because Otto & Sons had neared retirement age and they wanted to make sure they left the business in well capable, trustworthy and experienced person. He would turn out to be the best option as the business went on expanding and reaching out to new places and opening new branches all over.

Lavin was trained as an accountant and a financial. This is why Otto & Sons thought he would be the best to lead the company to its greater heights and maximizing their profits. Even with these training in finance and accounting, Sheldon Lavin had proved himself previously as he worked as an important adviser to the founder. He advised them on whether to take up assets like houses to expand the business, and he had to research on a few things before advising in favor of it. It was through this involvement that he proved worth for the position of CEO and Chairman for OSI Group. He also had his unique vision for the company turning out to be a world-class food processing enterprise and under his leadership  skills.

Unlike other companies, OSI Group under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin has had a different way of leadership. Other companies get their rules set from the top, but for OSI Group, they love to operate as a family just as it has always been since it was founded. Learn to listen to everyone and their opinions, share openly with everyone, appreciate all of their hard work towards the company and also take care of their families as a way of appreciation. The main objective for Sheldon is to see to it that OSI continues to be a profitable company and experience growth, make sure they can deal with all their client’s requests and also focus in becoming one of the global leader in the food industries. Lavine also wishes to see OSI Group go on ahead even after he retires in future.

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A Revealing Interview with Sheldon Lavin

There is a very large meat processing company called OSI Group. The man in charge of the operation is named Sheldon Lavin. He has been at the helm of the company for several decades. As the owner and CEO of the company, Lavin has seen OSI Group dominate the meat processing industry in ways that few people would have thought possible. Lavin recently consented to a rare interview where he told stories about his life and career. He also talked about his philosophy regarding business decisions. It is not hard to understand why Sheldon Lavin is such a prominent figure in the business world. He clearly is always thinking two or three steps ahead of the competition.

The company that is now known around the world as OSI group was originally called Otto and Sons. It was a family-owned meat processing company. Sheldon Lavin said that the company did very well in the early years. It had real growth potential. However, the family that was running the company had no desire to do business outside of Chicago. Lavin decided to buy a controlling interest in the company and quickly expanded it around the United States. He said that running the company felt natural to him. He found that he had a knack for the meat processing business even though he had no prior experience.

Sheldon Lavin said that his next goal was to conquer the rest of the world. However, doing business internationally is no easy task. There are a lot of rules and regulations that you must follow. The laws concerning meat processing vary depending on what country you are doing business in. However, Lavin quickly found that navigating the international business landscape was fairly easy. OSI Group started to overpower their competition in each new country that they started to do business in. The company now has facilities that operate in 17 different countries.

Lavin takes pride in the fact that OSI Group is now famous all around the world. He knows this is because thousands of people have worked very hard for many years to make this happen.

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