Bhanu Choudhrie: Expanding C&C Alpha Group Operations in the Middle East

C&C Alpha Group was founded in 2002 to serve as a holding company for a group of venture companies who have in business for more than three decades. Since then, it has expanded into various industries and markets. UK businessman and C&C Alpha Group director Bhanu Choudhrie has revealed plans to join the Saudi market in different sectors. However, the group is treading with caution by sticking to markets it understands since the world is very unpredictable at the moment.


Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector is ripe for investment. The company’s Shanti Hospitality Group owns 24 hotels globally under the following brands: Ananda, Nidra Hotels, Nira Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels, and Starwood Hotels. Given young Saudis are very conscious of their health and fitness, Bhanu Choudhrie says it is the right time to enter the market through Ananda, his wellness hotel brand. Learn more about the group’s portfolio at


The UAE is growing into a global transport hub. Bhanu Choudhrie and his company have already made some investments in the aviation sector. However, given how fast the industry is growing, it is time to expand their investments. C&C Alpha Group has an aviation school in Sharjah. The Alpha Aviation Academy trains short haul airline pilots, and it is currently training 120 recruits. However, this capacity is not enough. Since there is limited space airspace in the Middle East, the company is looking to set up a campus in Europe. This means some of the courses will be offered abroad. With the current of female pilots in the industry, the company is looking to increase the number of female students it recruits for training to 20% of each cohort.


Located in the desert, Saudi Arabia’s demand for water and electricity is increasing rapidly thanks to the heavy infrastructural investment in the country. Under Alpha Utilities, Bhanu Choudhrie is focused on expanding the production of its Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination (SWRO) plant from 0.5 million gallons to 2 million gallons of water a day due to a rise in demand from the Hamriyah Free Trade Zone Authority. The utility company has also secured a deal in Sharjah to build a desalination plant with a capacity of generating 2.2 million gallons of water per day.



Stream Cares For Philanthropy

Stream Energy recently launched the foundation Stream Cares. The company has always been involved in philanthropy, and the foundation helped the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. Lives and homes were lost in the flood, and Stream Energy was the first to help victims begin to rebuild their lives. The response to the losses caused by Hurricane Harvey is a perfect example of how businesses such as Stream Energy revolve around philanthropy and also charity.

A business launching a philanthropic arm is somewhat new, but it has its advantages. It allows the company to give back to its community and gain loyal clients. A company giving to its community is always made public. It’s especially noticeable during hard times or when disaster strikes. According to statistics, businesses will go above and beyond in terms of generosity. They give billions of dollars to charities across the country. Stream Energy has long term relationships with charitable organizations such as the Red Cross. Its employees have worked to give the company a track record of philanthropy.

The model for Stream Energy is to have a whole network of clients and be able to provide various services. Associates of the company individually make money through the sales of these services. A cause these associates are passionate about is people in the community being homeless. They have partnered up with Hope Supply Company to help homeless people and kids. They held a Splash for Hope event to bring homeless children to a water park and provide homeless families with money and needed supplies.

Stream was also quick to respond to victims of a tornado a few years ago. They worked with the Salvation Army to raise money towards homes and businesses lost by the tornado. Associates have also participated in an Operation Once In A Lifetime and an American Girl Doll Experience event.

Krishen Iyer: Marketing Trends Expected to Grow in 2019

The healthcare industry is vastly evolving because of the development in technology. Significant transformations are occurring under the watch of healthcare practitioners. Mergers and disruptive startups are quickly becoming more common. Tech firms that had no ties to the healthcare sector are currently delving into the industry. These moves leave the healthcare professionals wondering what innovative measures to take in investing in the business. Marketing professionals as well companies need to focus on growing revenue. They should also handle this proposal without inflating the healthcare budget. Moreover, they need to design customer-centered experiences made to connect people with a particular brand as well as help them to build confidence in the product. Krishen Iyer is one such individual who has committed time and resources to ensure that healthcare practitioners and patients access better healthcare through technology. See more here 

Krishen Iyer is the CEO as well as the founder of Managed Benefits Services. This is a company focused on helping dental as well as healthcare insurance firms with consulting services. In a recent press release, he reiterates the fact that his company has created a new platform that has multiple tools to help meet the demands of facilities and companies. However, these companies need to impose strategies that can improve customer experience.

Managed Benefits Services is a prominent digital marketing company that provides online marketing strategy information such as consulting as well as lead generation services to customers in the healthcare sector. The management shows other companies how to structure their marketing verticals as well as contracts to garner more profits, prospects, as well as opportunities. Besides, the company creates lead to traffic to create arrangements for businesses.

Iyer’s company is situated in Southern California and still focuses on lead management as well as consulting. An alumnus of San Diego State University, Krishen Iyer is prominent for his entrepreneurial acumen since he also has vast experience in technical development, client relations, as well as digital marketing. The experienced California resident is additionally an avid reader who also commits time to serve the local community. Krishen Iyer is confident that the global marketing trends in healthcare should offer better chances of helping the clients.

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Determination and Success the Symbol of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is a well-known entrepreneur in the Portland area. Also, he’s the chairman of Merger Tech. Which, is an international Mergers & acquisition firm in the US. He was born and raised in Ambala, India and later settled in Oregon. Afterward, he would go on to earn his Bachelor and Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University. Being a first generation immigrant establishing a technology company in The US wouldn’t be easy, although Nitin Khanna proved anything is possible if you work hard enough for it. Usually, Successful people are those who take risks at the right time in life. As for Nitin Khanna, well he’s definitely one of those people. He always believed that one must move with the pace of the world. In fact, it was through this concept that led him to the successful establishment of MergerTech in 2009.

MergerTech is a boutique technology bank that provides advice about mergers & acquisitions. The key success of MergerTech is Nitin Khanna’s rich experience in the M&A domain. In return, he provides satisfying, comprehensive advice to clients. As a result, he was able to build a solid reputation in his field of expertise.

Before founding MergerTech, Nitin Khanna was also the co-founder of Saber Company. Then by 2007, the company grew to be worth over $120 million in revenue! Not to mention, the company expanded with over 1,200 employees through Nitin Khanna’s management & advice. Soon after, he sold Saber to EDS for an astonishing $460 million! Then he took over the business operations within EDS. In other words, he sold the business and still helped manage it.

In addition, in 2015 Nitin Khanna decided to move to the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Soon after, he opened Cura Cannabis Solutions. Which, is a well-known medical marijuana dispensary. In fact, it’s one of the largest cannabis companies based in Oregon, and it’s expected to expand to California & even Canada. Moreover, it’s believed that it is among the most valuable cannabis companies in the world! See more here

In conclusion, Nitin Khanna always believed in his dreams and potentials. That’s why he was thinking beyond the swing of things. His dreams were more than following others footsteps. With that said, it was his strong desire that led him to realize all his dreams during his professional career. Now he enjoys the fruits of his success and teaches people how they can too.

A Look At Entrepreneurial Success Through Guilherme Paulus’ Eyes

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian household name. His exploits in tourism are a testament to his entrepreneurial and business skills. Guilherme is a hotelier and is counted among top global entrepreneurs.

He serves in the Board of advisors in GJP Hotels and resorts as well as CVC Brazil. The GJP hotels and resorts have their operations spread across Brazil with over 20 hotels and 5000 staff members. From an IBM intern to a successful entrepreneur, let us look at what makes Guilherme Paulus so successful.

Paulus had his entrepreneurial instinct since his days as a young man. In one occasion, while on a boat trip with the then state deputy, Carlos Vicente, they discussed starting a tour-venture. Guilherme Paulus did not have money to invest in Carlos’ idea, but with his mind and willingness to see the project up and running, they both partnered up, and the venture was born. They run the company for four years since 1995 before Guilherme went at it alone. That is how the GJP brand began its journey.

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Guilherme Paulus’ success is born of faith, gratitude and an optimistic look at life. He begins his day organizing his events for the day and the entire week and sets out to accomplish them all. When he comes across an idea worth investing, Paulus acts fast. What sets Guilherme Paulus apart is that he takes the first bold step into the unknown effortlessly. He then works on the idea with faith that it will be a success. This has been Guilherme’s simple principle in life.

As the chairman of the GJP brand, Paulus’ travels a lot and get a first-hand view of how the brand is fairing. He interacts with the staff and the clients on a hands-on basis. In doing this, Guilherme is in a position to address the concerns the team and the hotels’ clients have. This managerial approach is the brand’s greatest asset and a reason for their continued success.

The greatest takeaway for all in the entrepreneurial field is this; seek advice at every turn, put in the work, and have faith in your venture. This Guilherme-winning combination is sure to lead you to great heights.

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Sandy Chin Learned Through Mentorship

Sandy Chin is the manager of the Tidal Bore Capital hedge fund which she set up in 2016. She has over 20 years of experience in both buying and selling stocks. Ms. Chin worked as a senior analyst with SAC Capital Management, and she has also worked with Bank of America. She holds an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business.


Sandy Chin believes that the most important reason that she has been successful in her career as a stock trader is that she had a mentor who helped her to learn about the world of investing. When Sandy Chin worked for Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette, Bill Leach took Sandy Chin under his wing and helped her learn about the investing world.


Bill Leach made it a point to ask Sandy Chin to attend important meetings and investor sessions with him. Bill Leach taught Sandy how to appropriately value a company and the price of company’s stock.


One of the most important things that Sandy Chin learned from her mentor was the importance of always asking questions. Ms. Chin has found that it is important to ask detailed questions during business meetings and earnings call in order to find out what is really going on at a company. Ms. Chin also learned that it is important to develop one’s, own analytical models. A person has to come up with her own system that she feels comfortable with.


Sandy Chin believes that mentoring is essential in the business world. It is important to have an experienced professional showing a younger associate the ins and outs of the stock trading world. She advises all young people to find a mentor. This mentor will be a source of advice for both the near and the long-term in one’s career. If a company doesn’t provide a mentor, a young person shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a mentor. Sandy Chin believes in asking for more so that one can reach the goal that is ahead.

Adam Misltein: IAC promotes culture of philanthropy

When it comes to challenges facing the Jewish community, Jews living in the United States are the most affected. They have been exposed to all manner of discrimination just because they come from Israel. At the same time, they are the best group to push for the interests of the community. They are more empowered to help their motherland than other Jews in other countries. There is a considerably high number of Jews who live in the United States. These are the people who should lead the mission of strengthening the State of Israel, according to Adam Milstein. Milstein is a Jew living in the United States. For the past four decades, he has been in the United States doing pursuing education, businessman and other personal goals. Since he came to the United States, he has maintained a close relationship with his motherland. A factor which has made him one of the prominent Jewish leaders outside of Israel.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder and chairman of an organization known as the Israeli-American Council. It is through this organization that he has made a step to push for the needs of the Jewish community. He is trying as much as possible to strengthen the Jewish community through various philanthropic initiatives. Currently, IAC is the fastest growing pro-Israel activism group. This group condemns discrimination of people of Jewish origin and at the same helping the Jews to come together and stand strong against the enemies.

IAC was formed in 2007 and has since then been advocating for the needs of the Jews. One of the main achievements of this organization according to Adam Milstein is creating a culture of philanthropy among the Jews. For a long time, philanthropy has never been part of the community’s culture. Adam Milstein has made it normal for Jews to come together and raise money for a certain cause.

Adam Milstein believes that an Israeli-American is the best suite person in promoting the interest of the Jews. These are people who have faced the local challenges back in Israel and are now experiencing the challenges of being in the diaspora as a Jew. These people deserve to be mouthpieces of the Jewish community, according to Milstein.

GreenSky earns, hand over fist, with novel revenue model

GreenSky Credit is one of the more innovative companies to have come out of the fintech industry over the last few years. Although the company has followed a very conservative business model, only going after prime borrowers in markets where there is demonstrated value creation taking place, GreenSky has pioneered a new business model, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Big bets on a sure thing

GreenSky Credit’s revenue model is so unique and the business itself so novel that the company’s founder and CEO, David Zalik, found himself having a great deal of difficulty in convincing bankers to help him finance it. Back in 2005, Zalik went on the road to pitch the idea of GreenSky to bankers and other investors across the country. But the entire business model was so unique that he couldn’t find any bank that was willing to back him. He was eventually forced to liquidate his more than $12 million real estate empire and completely fund the new business himself. This would turn out to be a huge net positive for both Zalik and GreenSky.

The problem that the bankers could not overlook was that Zalik was claiming that he could get both his lending partners and his retail partners to pay GreenSky for originating instant loans while also avoiding taking on any lending risk. The bankers and prospective investors wanted to know why on Earth any lender would pay someone to originate a loan if that party was already receiving a large amount of compensation for their services from a third party, and they had no intention of taking on any downside risk at all relating to the possible non-performance of the loans. Zalik had one answer: money. And it turned out that the company was able to generate lots of it.

The secret behind the company’s ability to get its retail partners to pay 6 percent while getting its lending partners to pay a 1 percent annual carrying fee on every dollar loaned is that all of these parties are getting additional high-quality business that they never would have otherwise had.

The Role of Stream Energy in the Society

Stream commonly referred to as stream energy is America’s leading direct selling and connected services. The company was started in the year 2005 and it has since grown to be the best energy company in the United States offering several services including wireless, protective and services to its clients. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and currently between 200 to 500 employees who are well paid and constantly motivated in to continue providing the best services for the company. The Stream Energy Company offers its services in numerous parts of the United States like New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, Ohio and also Texas.

Achievements of Stream Energy and its contribution to the Society

Stream Energy has expanded in various ways since it started. Some of the ways that the company has expanded include connecting life services such as international wireless plans, virtual MD, digital voice service among other services. In all the services that are offered by the company, they make sure that their customers are connected from wherever they which could be home, traveling or at work. Among the things that have made Stream to be unique in the energy industry is the way they empower their employees and associates to do more than what they do in order to earn n a living. Stream believes that they should not only make a better life for their company but they are dedicated in also making sure that their clients get the best.

The company has also started a parallel charity organization because corporate philanthropy has also been a part of Stream’s DNA. The company recently launched a charity foundation known as Stream Cares. The move made by the company in order to formalize its ongoing operations in Texas. The company has done a lot including the Hurricane Harvey victims. Stream Company is currently considered a living example for other companies to understand the importance of paying back to society. Corporate philanthropy is a perfect way to ensure that the company gets a chance of back to the society at the same time building its reputation.

The Motivation of Business Leader Vijay Eswaran

What I like the most about Vijay Eswaran is his business motivational skills. He can take just about any worker that has been down and out and make this person flourish. Vijay has the skills to motivate because he has been able to work and build a true empire. He has spent a large part of his life dealing with all type of different issues. He has become someone that is able to help people change their moods and become much more productive. He has documented much of this in his writings.

Vijay Eswaran has explored topics on finding your passions and arising from your stupor and becoming fully conscious of your environment. This is a big deal for those that may have been struggling with some type of issue that prevents them from truly becoming productive. What Vijay does is help people expand their mental capacity by truly challenging them to look at their environment. He has a positive attitude on life, and he encourages others to see everything as a learning experiences. He doesn’t see anything as wasted time or error. He only sees life and situations as learning experiences.

Eswaran has become an influence to those that work for the company where he is a CEO. At his company QNET he provides a strong sense of encouragement to the multitudes of workers that are in the field of direct sales. It takes a strong personality to work in the world of direct selling. People have to be able to cope with rejection. They have to be able to do cold calling and establish relationships in business with complete strangers. It is a challenging type of job, but there are lots of people that want to endeavor down this path. These people that are employees of QNET must be ready to get inspiration from anywhere that they can find it. Hopefully, the masses that want to engage in direct selling will have the foresight to look to Vijay Eswaran and take heed to his wise council.

Outside of his advice for personal growth, Eswaran has also become a big giver to charities. He has managed to keep a spirit of philanthropy that has allowed Eswaran to gain even greater exposure. That is originally how I discovered him. His giving spirit has been something that has challenged those that are trying to move up in the workforce. He has been able to become the success that he is today because people love him. People love him because they know he gives back. His giving back is what makes people get on board and patronize him for his charity efforts. His giving inspires others to patronize his QNET direct-selling company.