Learn How To Grow A Business From Richard Liu Qiangdong


If you follow the story behind the creation and growth of JD.com, you will notice that there are various things that you have to focus on when you want to grow your business. Just as Richard Liu Qiangdong changed his small shop in a little known town in China to a worldwide empire, you can also follow several principles to ensure that you do not remain stagnant in your investment. Liu sold magneto-optic products and had almost no customers to sustain his business. But he eventually found more than he dreamed of.

Changing your platform

Richard Liu had to change his business platform to get the number of customers that he wanted. He did not stick to his small rented shop. Instead of doing that, he chose to go online by creating an e-commerce website. Through the internet, he could reach people beyond his local town. His goods were now displayed to the entire world. Therefore, if you feel like you are stuck, think about the medium that you are using to sell. Maybe, it is that medium that is hampering your growth and therefore, it may be time to switch to something different.

Finding the right partners

After creating a website and listing his products, Richard Liu Qiangdong noticed that his popularity was growing, and many people wanted to be associated with his site. He did not just partner with anyone. Instead of that, he crafted a way of getting specific companies to list their products on his website. They would in return contribute to his earnings. It is true that the kinds of people that you choose will determine how successful you will be and so, you have to be careful. Always focus on partners that will add value to the company. Refer to This Article for related information.


After carefully investment and growth, Richard Liu is now among the world’s most valued people because JD.com is now over $12 million. In addition to that, he serves more than 100,000 customers from all over the world. If he had stuck to his small physical shop, he would never have realized the kind of success he enjoy today. He is an inspiration to many people who are struggling in their businesses.


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Jingdong Partners With Rakuten To Enhance Delivery Operations

Jingdong also known as JD.com is the largest online retailer in China. The company provides the same and next day delivery for customers who order their products online. This illustrates a new level of technology in the world since most consumers are happy about the services rendered and how fast it is done.

The organization offers products ranging from food to electronics. Jingdong recently partnered with Rakuten who will help them in the delivery operations in Asia.

Rakuten is an innovation company in e-commerce that is known worldwide. JD’s agreement through Rakuten’s delivery drones and robots will help Jingdong improve its operations in China and Japan. Jingdong or more commonly known today as JD.com will use its knowledge in creating delivery robots and drones and Rakuten with its delivery service to cater for most situations and applications in all continents. Rakuten launched its delivery program in 2016 and partners with local authorities to improve their knowledge.

In 2018, Rakuten launched its first delivery in Japan with the aim of curbing the challenge associated with transportation in the logistics sector. The Group Managing Executive Officer of Rakuten, Koji Ando says that this partnership will help in the acceleration of innovation in the logistics department in Japan and China as well. If this happens, the lifestyle of the citizens will improve significantly offering convenience to all. The drones are to play a crucial role in delivering goods in the mountainous areas of Japan. See Related Link for additional information.

JD.com launched its first delivery in rural China in 2016. Since then, the company’s drones have done more than 6500 hours of flight time. The company now operates in several provinces in China including Shaanxi and Jiangsu. At the start of this year, JD announced the first government-approved drone test flight in Indonesia. This is a significant milestone that could lead to the operation of the robots all over Asia.

The drones are frequently seen in university campuses and parks around China. Jingdong recently established two delivery stations in Changsha and Hohhot cities to increase the delivery of products to their respective users. Through the company’s operations for more than two years, Jun Xiao the president of JD.com innovation says their mission is to make logistics more cost effective and accessible to all citizens. This partnership will help in innovation and customer satisfaction in society.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong: After The SARS Outbreak


It’s normal for entrepreneurs to have some failures under their belts. In a way, failure makes an entrepreneur what he or she is willing to become. Some fail and choose to give up and take crappy jobs with companies they don’t want to work at. Others learn from their failures or turn them into victories.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is an entrepreneur that learned from one failure and overcame another. Liu Qiangdong began as a graduate with a degree in sociology. He wanted a job in politics but quickly discovered no role in politics offered enough money.

After graduating from Renmin University, Liu Qiangdong learned that his grandmother was sick and needed expensive treatment. Since politics couldn’t offer the money he needed, he learned how to program computers and started working as a freelance code worker. That earned him enough money to pay for his grandmother’s treatment and pursue his new dream.

The freedom and monetary benefits of freelance work made Liu Qiangdong want to own and operate his own business. He started working toward an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School while continuing his freelance work. After saving enough money, he took his first shot at being his own boss.

His first shot at entrepreneurship was through restaurant ownership. Liu Qiangdong greatly underestimated how much work it takes to run a restaurant successfully. He tried to get away with only dedicating two hours of his time to running the business every week. See This Page for more information.

The restaurant failed miserably and taught Liu Qiangdong that entrepreneurship requires full dedication. While still in school, he set his entrepreneurial dreams aside and focused on learning everything he could. Even after graduating, he took a job at a health products company and continued learning. Finally, in 1998, he gave entrepreneurship another try.

Liu Qiangdong opened the first “Jingdong” in Beijing in a four-square-meter store. He sold magneto-optical products and found great success in doing so. By 2003, the SARS outbreak made him rethink his business, and JD.com was the result.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong, CEO, Founder, And Chairman Of JD.Com


Richard Liu Qiangdong also referred to as Richard Liu is a Chinese entrepreneur and founder of JD.com or as known by many as JingDong Mall, the largest retail store in China. He studied at the Universe of Renmin in Beijing, China and graduated with a degree in sociology in the year 1996. He ventured mostly in business despite studying sociology.


Richard Liu’s first involvement into business started with a restaurant project, which failed after some few months. He later moved into trading health products. The health trade business never succeeded, and in 1998, he ventured into computer business selling spares and other accessories.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s computer business grew fast and steadily developing into 12 stores in China. But in 2003, the market was affected by an epidemic that stroke China, causing deterioration of his customers. With such, Richard Liu together with his 12 stores manager came up with online shopping and delivery to clients whenever they are anywhere in China. In 2004, Jingdong Mall was established and grew into the largest retail store in China serving clients globally.

About JD.com

According to Richard Liu, JD.com has over 1 billion different products and over one hundred and sixty thousand employees. The firm started from a small IT product online retail business offering local deliveries into a megastore with millions of different products shipping to hundreds of countries worldwide. According to Richard Liu Qiangdong interview in Dallas, TX, Jingdong is the largest and more reliable business compared to other competitive stores.

His primary goal is to expand the business into Europe, America, and Southeast Asia and to introduce new goods to the e-commerce occupation worldwide. Richard Liu also aims at opening different stores in other regions in the world bringing in good quality products and improving deliveries by minimizing the period of product delivery to customers mostly China.

Personal Life and Other Ventures

Richard Liu Qiangdong got married with two children and two sisters, one being a teacher and another being student. He also loves touring deserts having toured all deserts in China, swimming and walking fast as being his doings during free time. He also likes working on donations for disadvantaged groups. Go Here for related Information.


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Successful Career Path Of Richard Liu Qiangdong


Richard Liu Qiangdong the founder and CEO of the largest e-commerce platform in China known as JD.com. Richard Liu graduated in 1996 from Renmin University which is among the best Universities in China with a degree in sociology. After graduating, he joined China Europe International Business School with Executive Master of Business Administration.

After completing his studies, he was employed in Japan by a health product company for two years playing various roles including director for business and computers. Richard Liu later left the employment job and started his shop selling magneto-optical products. Among his successful business is JD.com which it`s estimated to worth is $57.6 billion and according to Forbes Richard Liu is reported to worth over $11 billion a total net worth.


“An insight, An Idea with Richard Liu” interview:

Richard Liu begins with a brief history of his successful journey to where he is now. He founded JD.com from a humble background naming it from his first girlfriend’s name and his last name. He was motivated to work hard to meet the need of his family where his parent was ailing. Richard Liu Qiangdong says his biggest competitor is himself as he strives to be a better person today than he was yesterday.

Liu`s products are the best compared to their business competitors because of their standardizing cost and efficiency in production and accessibility. They utilize warehouses where they keep their products which helps them to regulate and control market prices and demand.

Richard Liu believes in 10 years to come; his e-commerce company will be the leading in China and globally topping the likes of Amazon. Richard Liu values family bond saying it`s his proudest achievement in his life.

During his free time, Richard Liu likes swimming, reading, and traveling. He usually wakes up at around 7.30 AM, prepares for general managers meeting and afterward sets ready to respond to his emails. Go To This Page for more information.

He recommends people to purchase electronic goods through his e-commerce site for they take less than 6 hours for delivery. He also names his company shares as the best to invest on as investors are assured of profit outcome


Richard Liu Qiangdong And His Success As An Entrepreneur


Richard Liu Qiangdong, Entrepreneur of JD.com

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the founder and initiator of JD.com. JD.com is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in China. Qiangdong attended Renmin University of China during 1996. He received a degree in sociology. Following his college eduction, he attended China Europe International Business School. It was there that he received an EMBA in business. Directly proceeding his graduation from business school, Qiangdong was employed by Japan Life, a health product company. During his experience at this company, he was able to hold multiple positions, such as director of business.

Richard Liu Qiangdong started his Jingdong business in Beijing, China. Following declined success of a particular business model, he renovated his business plan and initiated JD.com in 2004. In 2005, he began focusing primarily on consumer goods and electronics. During 2014, a decade after the company began, Tencent purchased a 15 percent equity stake in JD.com. The deal was initiated for $215 million. JD.com has accomplished efforts for buisness and growth of company efforts and funds in e-commerce. See This Article for additional information.

During a recent interview with World Economic Forum, Richard Liu Qiangdong sits down for an interview to discuss his success of JD.com. Qiangdong speaks on the initiation of his company and the ideas for the successful business. He had a previously engaged in a business with brick and mortar retail store. The purpose for starting this business was to support his family as a result of financial problems. He desired to study abroad but could not afford to. As a result, he began working with computers and initiated his own business to generate revenue. He then closed his shops to open the e-commerce online business. Richard Liu Qiangdong wanted to enter the online platform in order to execute business faster.

Richard Liu Qiangdong spoke about the quick escalation of his business by building better thn competition. JD.com currently has a large market value according to stats in the United States. The goal of JD.com is to have the highest market value in China e-commerce.


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JD.com Unveils Eco-Friendly, Reusable And Recyclable Packing Model


With levels of waste pollution increasing at an alarming rate in China due to the high rate of industrialization, companies in the country are adopting and implementing eco-friendly policies in their businesses. JD.com, also known as Jingdong Mall; China’s largest and most profitable e-retailer is leading the transition by adopting a reusable eco-friendly packaging model. JD.com delivers millions of products to customers across China every day, making their efforts to work towards reusable packaging a necessary and urgent move.

According to Jingdong, the program will not only reduce environmental pollution but also cut the operational cost of last-mile delivery. JD.com adds that their new packaging system will save the company more than 32.5 million RMB annually if 10% of the orders are delivered using the reusable packing model.

The cost of operation is projected to drastically lower in the near future as more customers approve of the system while Jingdong rolls out the model in as many cities in China. Already, the packaging model has been employed in large cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. As more people are rallying behind the green environment idea, more JD.com ’s customers are opting for the reusable packaging when making their orders. The company projects to deploy the model in more than 25 cities as the year comes to a close.

In an effort to motivate more clients to embrace the reusable packaging model, Jingdong offers redeemable loyalty points to those who opt for the model. Customers who chose the model are required to surrender the green box that houses their order to the delivery person, upon receipt of the order. The green box can be used to package sizable items such as makeup, jewelry, cell phones, watches, and selected medium-sized electronics. It gets better because the box can be reused for almost ten times before it is disposed of. This saves Jingdong massive amount of resources and time because almost every other product, other than fresh food, can utilize the model. Refer to This Article to learn more.


More about JD.com

The e-commerce giant has been faithful to implementing green practices in their logistics network, having rolled out the Green Stream Initiative back in 2017. Jingdong aims at replacing 50% of their plastic packing materials with biodegradable ones, as well as having more than 80% of recyclable packaging material, in the next two years.


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JD.com Has Expanded Deeper Into Southeast Asia

JD.com is teaming up with Thai retail conglomerate Central Group in order to further expand into Southeast Asia. The collaboration will be called the JD Central e-commerce platform. JD already has a little presence in the region with an e-commerce platform in Indonesia and an investment in Tiki. JD Central is set to open on September 28. It opened for testing on June 18. The new platform has direct sales and marketing models.


Anticipated Success


Sales have already boosted since the test run. The categories on the platform range from electronics, to fast moving consumer goods, fashion, books, music, and much more. As of now, roughly 80% of the site’s visitors have accessed the site on their cell phones. On the cell phones, the top sellers are fashion items and fast moving consumer goods. Chinese companies are among the most popular brands on the site. Those top brands are Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and OnePlus.


If there is an equivalent for the “Amazon of China”, Jingdong Mall is the best candidate.


How JD.com Created The New Platform


JD has used its own technology to create one of the world’s best retail operations. It now adds a top of the line logistics expertise and the fastest delivery to Thai consumers. JD Central’s warehouses are managed by JD.com’s warehouse management system. Same-day delivery will soon arrive at the Bangkok area. Using its partners in the local delivery service the new e-commerce platform will also provide nationwide coverage.


How JD.com Feels About The New Addition


JD Central’s CEO Vincent Yang says the company is thrilled to be moving forward with providing service in Southeast Asia. Central Group and JD.com; also known as Jingdong, have a very unique partnership and Thai consumers will experience the best e-commerce with a 100% guarantee of product authenticity. Leading brands are already signing on to support JD Central in reaching Thai consumers. Popular Chinese apparel retailer Vipshop has already be added to the platform. Click Here to learn more.



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