Sunday Riley – An Inside Look

Sunday Riley is a cosmetics brand that has created a loyal following of people that believe in the product, and the mission. The brand itself is well known, and the results of the products speak for themselves. However, the woman behind the name has recently shared some of her journey to the top.

Sunday Riley recently gave an interview, in which she opened up about her products, her name and her business style. She mentioned that she wanted to see more “green technology” in the cosmetics industry, balancing science with nature. Sunday Riley states that she is constantly learning and growing with her business, and has learned all of her cosmetic knowledge on the job.

Even though her company is extremely successful and rapidly growing, Sunday stays humble and modest. She acknowledges the success of her business, but she also tries to steer clear of reading about her brand and company on the internet. Sunday mentioned that she doesn’t want to “connect to fear, or praise”.

One of the most recent products, “Good Genes“, has had immense success. Sunday Riley attributes this to its effectiveness and popularity among the average consumer. It seems that with the popularity of Good Genes, other products from Sunday Riley are also seeing an uptick in sales. Sunday believes that one of the most important skin care regimes is simply washing your face. She also states that exfoliation is immensely important as well, and a step that many people skip.

Her name remains a for some, as it is unique and beautiful. Sunday laughed when she told the story behind her moniker, saying that her father wanted to give her a name that would sound good for business. Although she has seen her fair share of struggles, such as a makeup line that faltered in 2011, Sunday Riley continues to be a thriving and growing business. Perhaps there was a little power behind her name after all.