Dan Bethelmy-Rada Oversees the Launch of R.A.W the New Array of All Natural Products

R.A.W originated from the comprehension that consumers across the world have an appetite for natural products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the Global Brand President for Matrix and Biolage says that the present day consumers are no longer okay with products that are just illuminated to be natural. Instead, they want these products to be totally natural and sustainable and have very minimal effects on the environment. Matrix, therefore, brought fourth R.A.W to fulfill these desires by undertaking a dedicated approach conceived by L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty With All Programme. The program made a holistic vow to offer an array of products that have excellent environmental attributes all round, from creation to manufacturing techniques and packaging.

Formulas used to make these products depend on a short catalog of natural, efficacious and highly biodegradable ingredients that contain no sulfates, silicone or parabens. Dan Bethelmy-Rada went further to expound that all their products ranging from Bulgarian coriander to Bolivian quinoa husk originate from sustainable and supply sources that can be traced. Dan Bethelmy-Rada remarked that R.A.W is vigilant to make sure that their products formulas are designs in a manner that aligns with the Principles of Green Chemistry. Dan Bethelmy-Rada described that they get their ingredients from minerals and plants including honey, seaweeds, and fungi. They also ensure that these products are packaged in a manner that has a little environmental impact and they get their conditioner and shampoo bottles from recycled plastics.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada outlined that his top priority is to ensure that they do not compromise the naturalness of their products, despite the many challenges that they face. One of the major challenges they face is the costs that are related to fulfilling these ambitious objectives. This is because ensuring that they meet criteria need huge investments. Another challenge they have is time. The team needs to work extra hard to launch products and meet deadlines. Dan Bethelmy-Rada was appointed to be the Global Brand President for MATRIX and BIOLAGE L’Oréal Professional Products Division in 2015 and he has overseen the total transformation of the Matrix brand through his incessant creative direction, new positioning and has gone further to digitalize Matrix which has enhanced its status and prominence among consumers.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada Introduces The All-Natural RAW New Product

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the current Global Brand President for the Matrix and Biolage Professional Product Division for L’Oréal Paris. He studied Bachelor of Commerce in Sorbonne Pantheon University in 1999 and Advanced Masters of Strategy and Management of International Business in ESSEC Business School in 2001.

Before Dan Bethelmy-Rada started working for L’Oréal, he worked with different organizations including Garnier International as Director and Assistant Vice President, L’Oréal Paris International as the Vice President of Global Marketing and as Deputy General Manager at Garnier International- L’Oréal Consumer products division. Since 2015, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been on the lead to transform the Matrix brand by giving it a new direction and positioning through digitization to increase the efficiency of consumption. View Additional Info Here

What is RAW?

From the insufficiency of natural products from the world market, Led by Bethelmy Rada,  Matrix found an opportunity to establish a product that could fulfill this demand. Consumers require products that are fully natural with full evidence of every ingredient that makes it. With a commitment to fulfill this goal, they took a step to manufacture the products that would be natural and authentic from formulation to packaging. The ingredients used were natural and highly biodegradable with the absence of Silicone and sulfates. Dan Bethelmy-Rada Loreal explains how they organized their products to make RAW. He explains that the Bolivian quinoa husk, Bulgarian coriander and Moroccan volcanic clay used came from natural and traceable sources.

To spread the word about RAW, Matrix sets up strategies including Instagram and one-on-one consumer product test. RAW established an education platform where professionals from the company would teach stylists and hairdressers on how to work with environmental conscious methods and products in their salons. The firm also set out #LiveRaw campaign on local TVs and Instagram with testimonies of their success in the production of a fully natural product.

After the launch of the product, he is satisfied by the feedbacks and the online reviews they are receiving about the product. 90% of the consumers are acknowledging and positively reviewing the quality of the RAW products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is hopeful that the next step towards empowering the RAW product is to launch it globally after a successful launch at the European market.


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