A Look At Entrepreneurial Success Through Guilherme Paulus’ Eyes

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian household name. His exploits in tourism are a testament to his entrepreneurial and business skills. Guilherme is a hotelier and is counted among top global entrepreneurs.

He serves in the Board of advisors in GJP Hotels and resorts as well as CVC Brazil. The GJP hotels and resorts have their operations spread across Brazil with over 20 hotels and 5000 staff members. From an IBM intern to a successful entrepreneur, let us look at what makes Guilherme Paulus so successful.

Paulus had his entrepreneurial instinct since his days as a young man. In one occasion, while on a boat trip with the then state deputy, Carlos Vicente, they discussed starting a tour-venture. Guilherme Paulus did not have money to invest in Carlos’ idea, but with his mind and willingness to see the project up and running, they both partnered up, and the venture was born. They run the company for four years since 1995 before Guilherme went at it alone. That is how the GJP brand began its journey.

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Guilherme Paulus’ success is born of faith, gratitude and an optimistic look at life. He begins his day organizing his events for the day and the entire week and sets out to accomplish them all. When he comes across an idea worth investing, Paulus acts fast. What sets Guilherme Paulus apart is that he takes the first bold step into the unknown effortlessly. He then works on the idea with faith that it will be a success. This has been Guilherme’s simple principle in life.

As the chairman of the GJP brand, Paulus’ travels a lot and get a first-hand view of how the brand is fairing. He interacts with the staff and the clients on a hands-on basis. In doing this, Guilherme is in a position to address the concerns the team and the hotels’ clients have. This managerial approach is the brand’s greatest asset and a reason for their continued success.

The greatest takeaway for all in the entrepreneurial field is this; seek advice at every turn, put in the work, and have faith in your venture. This Guilherme-winning combination is sure to lead you to great heights.

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