Todd Levine Dispenses Career Wisdom

Todd Levine is an attorney who chose to go into the profession of law because of the appeal to become a specialist in business. He is able to advise clients in a variety of complex matters in his role as an attorney. He has been able to enjoy working on a variety of complex matters in the field of real estate with many different clients over time.

Todd Levine and his partners have focused on one specific sector of real estate, commercial real estate litigation. They know that in transactions and exchanges, events may not always go according to plan, things may happen and individuals may bump into a tad bit of friction. This friction slows down the transaction and can hold it up for quite a while. Clients call a competent career attorney and a specialist in these matters such as Todd Levine to help them resolve their issues.

Individuals will find Todd Levine advising many different real estate brokers, and buyers, investors and sellers throughout their different commercial real estate transactions.

Todd has been involved with many different cases over the course of his career and has worked with investment groups, he knows how to handle complex matters in a professional and competent manner.

Make Sure to Focus and Have Varied Hobbies

He knows that one will not be able to get far in life if they are not able to specialize in a specific sector and skill-set. With the right focus, an individual will be able to find that they are able to interact with select group of individuals that are in space. As such, they are not affected by the noise of the general world, they don’t have to cut through, they are already present in concentrated scene.

A professional who wants to conduct great marketing must focus on two things, being in niche and being quite good at providing compelling services within a particular niche. If they are able to do both of these things quite well in an environment that will be around for a while, they will be able to reap the rewards.

As such, young attorney professionals should strive to focus and specialize. He also advises to the young attorney to indulge in different hobbies that will help their minds to work in a different manner.

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Dick DeVos: The Good in the Wealth of the DeVoses

Dick DeVos takes philanthropy seriously. As one of the members of the most affluent families in America, it’s unfathomable why Dick and his family came up with a decision of giving away millions of dollars, but they did. And their record is as impressive as you’d expect.



The wealth of the DeVos is no joke. Dick’s father, the late Richard DeVos Sr., was the co-founder of the multi-billion company Amway. It’s a multi-level marketing company that offers health, beauty, and home care products, which has received some criticisms over the years. But it didn’t stop the family from building a mammoth of a company who gave Dick’s father a net worth of $5 billion at the time of his death. That’s essentially where Dick’s wealth comes from. It’s where he gets his resources for the charities he supports.



Dick’s parents founded a charity called the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. The philanthropist took inspiration from his parents and created a charity of his own — something that he and his wife could call their own.



Dick’s wife happens to be the US Secretary of Education, Betsy Prince. Together, they founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a charitable organization who has been in the service of the Americans since the 1980s.



The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation primarily focuses on school choice, but they also support causes in community health, arts, and neighborhood improvements. The foundation has awarded educational grants to several institutions. One of the recipients is the West Michigan Aviation Academy, an aviation charter school in Grand Rapids. They also support the Christian organization called the Potter’s House in Michigan and the Education Freedom Fund.



It’s clear that the DeVoses are heavy supporters of education, but they have also contributed to politically conservative organizations in their home state, including the Federalist Society, American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, Council for National Policy, Makinac Center for Public Policy, Acton Institute, and Traditional Values Coalition.



Ask Dick DeVos why he and his family do this and his answer will inspire you. He was once quoted saying, “…helping the poor and disadvantaged is a driving principle of their world-view and it’s reflected in the history of their foundation.”



Dick served as the CEO of the Orlando Magic, which his father bought in 1991. He now manages the Grand Rapids-based investment management firm The Windquest Group, which he also co-founded with his wife.



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Krishen Iyer: Marketing Trends Expected to Grow in 2019

The healthcare industry is vastly evolving because of the development in technology. Significant transformations are occurring under the watch of healthcare practitioners. Mergers and disruptive startups are quickly becoming more common. Tech firms that had no ties to the healthcare sector are currently delving into the industry. These moves leave the healthcare professionals wondering what innovative measures to take in investing in the business. Marketing professionals as well companies need to focus on growing revenue. They should also handle this proposal without inflating the healthcare budget. Moreover, they need to design customer-centered experiences made to connect people with a particular brand as well as help them to build confidence in the product. Krishen Iyer is one such individual who has committed time and resources to ensure that healthcare practitioners and patients access better healthcare through technology. See more here 

Krishen Iyer is the CEO as well as the founder of Managed Benefits Services. This is a company focused on helping dental as well as healthcare insurance firms with consulting services. In a recent press release, he reiterates the fact that his company has created a new platform that has multiple tools to help meet the demands of facilities and companies. However, these companies need to impose strategies that can improve customer experience.

Managed Benefits Services is a prominent digital marketing company that provides online marketing strategy information such as consulting as well as lead generation services to customers in the healthcare sector. The management shows other companies how to structure their marketing verticals as well as contracts to garner more profits, prospects, as well as opportunities. Besides, the company creates lead to traffic to create arrangements for businesses.

Iyer’s company is situated in Southern California and still focuses on lead management as well as consulting. An alumnus of San Diego State University, Krishen Iyer is prominent for his entrepreneurial acumen since he also has vast experience in technical development, client relations, as well as digital marketing. The experienced California resident is additionally an avid reader who also commits time to serve the local community. Krishen Iyer is confident that the global marketing trends in healthcare should offer better chances of helping the clients.

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Jana Hopes To Make Waves at Lightspeed

Jana Messerschmidt is a leading female voice in the fast-paced world of venture capitalism. She had her start working at DivX and AT&T after graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Computer Engineering. Afterward, she worked for Netflix as the director of business development. Here, she developed proficiency in working with mobile and consumer electronic services. Specifically, the partnering of the two. She is most well-known for her time at Twitter, which she joined in 2010. There, Jana was in charge of business development, developer relations, platform operations, platform marketing, and enterprise sales. Her official position was Vice President of Global Business Development. She left this position in 2016. Jana most recently joined Lightspeed Venture Partners as one of their featured hires.

Lightspeed was able to raise more than $1.8 billion during a round of fundraising. Jana was hired alongside Merci Grace, Ashley Braiser, Jay Madheswaran, and Neetzan Zimmerman. Messerschmidt’s hiring at Lightspeed signals an emerging trend in venture capitalism. More and more women are being hired to headline key positions. Jana Messerschmidt was outspoken in her admiration of Lightspeed’s teamwork and collective approach. This is a part of Lightspeed’s culture change as they have embraced diversity in work culture and its staff.

Messerschmidt is a public figure of Silicon Valley’s movement towards addressing gender inequality. Jana also founded #Angels, which is an investment group headed by five women that all were former Twitter employees. They aim to improve the role of women within the startup workplace through advocacy and leadership workshops. #Angels also works to improve investment in companies led by women.

Jana Messerschmidt should prove to be an important asset at Lightspeed. Her experience speaks for itself. Who knows, the company may even be known as Jana Lightspeed one day. Jana Lightspeed certainly sounds like a heroine’s name. If Lightspeed continues to hire more people like Jana, then they are sure to succeed.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Hyland’s Inc., a division of Standard Homeopathic Company, is a private pharmaceutical company that was founded by George Hyland in 1903. Hyland’s Inc.’s products are based on the belief that a body of any age can heal itself with the help of gentle homeopathic products. As an over-the-counter medicine company, Hyland’s Inc.’s medicines are gentle and free of unnecessary dyes, parabens, and artificial flavors.

Although the company began over a century ago, Hyland’s Inc. has grown and evolved to treat the modern family by retaining and adapting classic remedies. Until the 1980’s, Hyland’s Inc. products were sold through Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy in downtown Los Angeles, but it was Hyland’s Teething Tablets that bolstered the company to national success in 1987 when major chains began to carry the tablets. The number of customers soared from 2,500 to 150,000. In 1998, Hyland’s Inc. founded a mail order catalogue, and it is continuing to expand its reach to help families with common ailments.

Hyland’s Inc. produces several remedies to target common illnesses, but it is particularly well known for Hyland’s Pink Aspirin, Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets, Hyland’s Leg Cramps, and Hyland’s Teething Tablets. The products are widely recognized and its Oral Pain Relief products were recently awarded the Drug Store News Excellence Award.

Of all its famous products, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are loved by parents who prefer a homeopathic approach instead of more traditional over-the-counter pain relievers or gels. Many parents claim that the tablets work within minutes to relieve sore gums. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are 100% natural, are Benzocaine free, and dissolve instantly. See the list of ingredients used in Hyland’s Teething Tablets here.

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Isabel dos Santos Is Leaving Her Mark on the World

The first female billionaire has just been named in Angola, and her name is “Isabel dos Santos.” Isabel is the eldest daughter of the country’s former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, but she made a name for herself after she graduated from King’s College in London and began to work in various management positions for several companies listed on European stock exchanges.

In 1997, Isabel dos Santos struck out on her own and opened a nightclub and restaurant on Luanda Island. After she started this first business, she opened several others in a variety of different areas. At the end, she had several investments in Angola, Portugal and other countries.

The vast accomplishments of Isabel dos Santos led to an invitation to the Africa Summit 2019 and the European Parliament where she gave a speech about where she believes Africa is going. Ms. dos Santos stated that once the mobile revolution is complete, the next revolution to take over Africa will be a digital revolution, and this digital revolution will give Isabel dos Santos the opportunity to be involved in several philanthropic ventures.

Isabel dos Santos is prepared to begin helping the continent increase banking opportunities for the people of Africa. As e-commerce flourishes, it begins to take first place in the way that people make purchases, many people will open bank accounts for the first time in the coming years. She also stressed the importance of implementing urban planning measures that improve the transportation sector and make people’s lives easier.

Isabel dos Santos has been invited to speak at several important events, and one of the events was the “Bloomberg Global Business Forum.” Because Isabel dos Santos was there, she was able to ensure that the leaders of this event included the unique concerns of the African continent and make sure that no one is left behind. Also of concern for Isabel dos Santos is the plight of women, so she also attended the UN Women Debate on equal rights for women. She stressed the importance of placing more women in leadership roles so that women’s concerns are represented along with those of men (BBC).

” Marc Beer takes Renovia Inc. to the next level “

Renovia Inc. will carry on with the development of new drugs that are meant to combat pelvic floor disorders. This is after the company’s chief executive officer, Marc Beer, secured funding worth $32 million and another $10 million in the Series B round. Renovia, which is based in Boston, is in the development stages of a drug that will deal with the various diagnostic and therapeutic problems associated with pelvic floor disorders like urinary incontinence. According to researchers, urinary incontinence has affected more than 250 million women across the world. The Food and Drug Administration approved leva, which is Renovia’s first product in April of 2018.

The Longwood Fund was one of the early investors in Renovia also participated in the Series B round which was spearheaded by Perceptive Advisors, a company based in New York City, as well as Ascension Ventures. This funding will be directed towards the development and testing of more products for diagnosis and therapy, which also includes an advanced Leva device.

Renovia’s chief executive officer, Marc bee said that the company is thrilled to be supported by the leading healthcare investors who share in the vision to have better diagnosis, treatment, and improvement of millions of lives of women who battle the pelvic floor disorders every day. Marc further said that the company is combining the innovative and proprietary sensor technologies as well as form factors with a digital health platform. This will give the customers valuable data regarding new treatment options and contribute to greater knowledge and understanding of pelvic floor disorders, thereby reducing the long-term costs of healthcare.

About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is the co-founder of Renovia Inc. who also serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of the company. He has an experience that spans two and half decades in the areas of commercialization and development in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and device industries. Before founding Renovia Inc. Marc Beer served as the Chief Executive Officer at ViaCell, which is a biotechnology company that deals with the development, preservation, and collection of blood stem cells of the umbilical cord. Under his leadership, ViaCell grew to accommodate more than 300 employees.

Marc is the founding chairman of the board of directors and the chairman of the Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee. He is a committee member at the Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Audit Committee. He also sits at the Business Advisory Council of Miami University, his alma mater, and the Graduate Studies Research of Notre Dame.

Marc Beer built his experience by working in different companies before founding Renovia Inc. He has held different roles, one of which includes servicing the Biotechnology Industry Organization, Emerging Companies Board and so on. Marc Beer believes that successful healthcare must start with excellent talent acquisition. Learn more: