Middle Market Investor – the Lincolnshire Management Story

Lincolnshire Management operates in New York and a Chicago. The company runs as a private equity. The company was founded in 1986 by Steven Kumble and Frank Wright in New York City. The firm focuses on investment control in developing companies in the middle market range. Regarding an investment portfolio, the firm boasts of more than 80 acquisitions in the past three decades. The team in the company follows a collaborative approach. This is whereby the firm pulls on diverse experiences from various business cycles and many industries. The company’s current CEO is T.J.Maloney and J.Lyons is the acting President.

Apart from the firm’s original purpose, the firm engages in funding current shareholders and cutting down business stakes in companies with problems regarding changing their debts. This is terms of stakes in the equity exchanges of reduction in debts, the transformation of loans and liquidating of owner capital. The firm invests in North American firms, as well as firms in Asia and Europe. Their investments range between $5 million – $100 million, to companies with sales with a range of $250 million – $500 million. Other conditions include enterprise value over $50 million, operating cash flow over $5 million and revenues over $5 million. Investments last for 3-5 years. Moreover, the firm holds a priority in taking minority stakes and co-investing as detailed on this link.

The company has assets worth billions of dollars. Three of its funding are in the list of the top quarter of their total funds. The company was 5th in the list of private equity firms in 2011. CNN/Fortune Magazine did the ranking. In 2010, the company was in the top ten progressive equity firms in the private sectors.

The firm’s outstanding investments include Riddell Sports Group, an American Football sports company equipment producer, Prince Global Sports LLC: a racket sports equipment Production Company, American Coach Services: a bus service company and Wabash National, a sundry industrial manufacturing company as detailed here https://www.divestopedia.com/companies/lincolnshire-management-inc/3468.

In April 2018, Lincolnshire Management cut off Amports Inc from their list of assets by selling it to InstarAGF. InstarAGF acquired the company at 100% interest in equity. Lincolnshire procured the company from Highstar Capital in the year 2014.

Know Your Rights Under Current SEC Laws Today

The current SEC laws are always changing and it’s very hard for a client to fight against employee retaliation on their own. You can protect your rights as a whistleblower with a highly qualified SEC attorney. They understand that your respect and anonymity are very important to you and will fight hard to help you win your claim. The Dodd-Frank Act has allotted that a whistleblower should receive 30 percent of every million that’s collected from their information leading to a conviction. Plus, they should receive a portion of everything that’s collected from an outside agency including law enforcement.

There are some people that don’t consider the acts of a whistleblower justifiable. They consider their acts snitching. A few whistleblowers have been prosecuted for divulging company secrets. They’ve released sensitive employee information out of malice, greed, or retaliation. These kinds of acts make it harder for the whistleblowers that divulge information to stop employee corruption. You can find a knowledgeable attorney that’s willing to fight for your legal rights and help you win your claim. They have experience with the courts and the Securities Exchange Commission. Get the help that you need to secure your claim and protect you with future career opportunities.

SEC laws are difficult for someone without experience to decifer. You should always hire a professional that’s going to be willing to exercise client-attorney privilege until you decide to hire them as your legal counsel. There are several attorneys that will immediately take your case but hiring the right attorney is important. You should find an attorney that will defend you and protect your anonymity. They understand how important it is to maintain your respect after you’ve made the decision to divulge information about your employer. This may not have been an easy decision for you to make. Get the help of a professional that will put your needs first.

You’re invited to visit your local area SEC whistleblower program law firm to protect your legal rights. Get the help you deserve to help you maintain your job position if you’re under the threat of being fired today.

Richard Liu Qiangdong, CEO, Founder, And Chairman Of JD.Com


Richard Liu Qiangdong also referred to as Richard Liu is a Chinese entrepreneur and founder of JD.com or as known by many as JingDong Mall, the largest retail store in China. He studied at the Universe of Renmin in Beijing, China and graduated with a degree in sociology in the year 1996. He ventured mostly in business despite studying sociology.


Richard Liu’s first involvement into business started with a restaurant project, which failed after some few months. He later moved into trading health products. The health trade business never succeeded, and in 1998, he ventured into computer business selling spares and other accessories.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s computer business grew fast and steadily developing into 12 stores in China. But in 2003, the market was affected by an epidemic that stroke China, causing deterioration of his customers. With such, Richard Liu together with his 12 stores manager came up with online shopping and delivery to clients whenever they are anywhere in China. In 2004, Jingdong Mall was established and grew into the largest retail store in China serving clients globally.

About JD.com

According to Richard Liu, JD.com has over 1 billion different products and over one hundred and sixty thousand employees. The firm started from a small IT product online retail business offering local deliveries into a megastore with millions of different products shipping to hundreds of countries worldwide. According to Richard Liu Qiangdong interview in Dallas, TX, Jingdong is the largest and more reliable business compared to other competitive stores.

His primary goal is to expand the business into Europe, America, and Southeast Asia and to introduce new goods to the e-commerce occupation worldwide. Richard Liu also aims at opening different stores in other regions in the world bringing in good quality products and improving deliveries by minimizing the period of product delivery to customers mostly China.

Personal Life and Other Ventures

Richard Liu Qiangdong got married with two children and two sisters, one being a teacher and another being student. He also loves touring deserts having toured all deserts in China, swimming and walking fast as being his doings during free time. He also likes working on donations for disadvantaged groups. Go Here for related Information.


More about JD.com on https://www.chinamoneynetwork.com/2018/10/18/jd-com-opens-up-its-logistics-network-to-users