Sergey Petrossov Advances How Private Flyers Travel

Entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov had his first private plane flight in 2009. He was pretty impressed with the luxury on board but he was pretty flabbergasted on how complicated and old-school it was to book the trip. He said that it was a brick and mortar approach that would have been appropriate in the 1990s but not a decade later.

He decided to offer a solution to this issue. Sergey Petrossov launched JetSmarter which allows flyers around the world to book private plane trips using a mobile app. He says it’s the Uber of the aviation world. Officially launched in March 2013, the app now has 14,000 subscribers who pay up to $15,000 a year to book private jets. Users can schedule flights and find seats on jets that have been booked by other travelers.

Sergey Petrossov has had some high-profile investors back JetSmarter including rapper Jay-Z and members of the Saudi royal family. He talked in a recent interview about the issues he had to work through to make his company successful and who to become a successful young entrepreneur.

He said that he has always hustled because it’s in his nature. He’s always had the drive to build companies and build them into something he could be proud of. He said that if you’re passionate about what you do it doesn’t matter if you get knocked down because you stand right back up and keep going.

When Sergey started JetSmarter, he found partners by attending aviation trade shows. He built a small tech team to build the app and worked really hard to raise capital. He says his business needs a lot of capital so he needed to secure major funds. This included raising $105 million in 2017. He said that he wants his company to eventually be the global premier private travel company.

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The innovations of Serge Belamant

In 1980, Serge Belamant was named the analyst of the year while working with Cybernet application support team. This is one of the early achievements of Belamant, renowned tech experts especially in the field of financial technology. He is the patent holder of the blockchain technology, a technology that has become prominent in recent years after the invention of the cryptocurrencies.

Serge has had a great career as a tech expert. He started working at the age of 22 after dropping out of the university, but his star continued to shine thereafter. His breakthrough in his career came after SASWITCH hired him as the head of the IT department. The RSA banks owned this organization. The organization at the time was facing the challenge of recording real-time timestamps of transactions. Belamant was delegated the duty of dealing with the problem. Through his innovative mind, he managed to come up with a new National ATM board that worked without a fault. The innovations that he made while designing the new machine were exceptional. Never again had such innovation been made before. After this invention, Serge Belamant left SASWITCH to create NET1 Technologies in 1989. This company was built on the bases of some of the invention he had made while working with SAWSWITCH.

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At NET1 technologies, Serge Belamant created the Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS). This is the technology that he intended to use as he geared towards making even a greater impact in the financial industry.

NET1 Technologies later realized its breakthrough after they were hired by VISA to design a smart card using the UEPS technology. To complete this project, Serge Belamant had to move to the United States where everything he needed was available. Later NET1 Technologies was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange after Belamant returned to South Africa.

NET1 also made another great achievement after it bought Cash Payment Services, a system that was used to pay welfare funds to over one million residents of RSA, mostly living in the remote parts of the country. This system was in need of modernization, and Serge Belamant modernized it to accomplish the set objectives of facilitating secure and swift disbursements.


Unique Financial Advancements: Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group consistently revises their network of connections and unique financial corporate policy makers. When a client arrives at an upscale salon, they are usually given a few options. A salon team member will greet the client at the door. The team member may hang up the client’s jacket for them. The salon team member may also offer the client something to drink. If the client prefers a certain type of drink, the team member will make it for them. Once the client is sitting down in the waiting area, they are given the option to read a magazine.

Fortress Investment Group

There can be long wait times depending upon how busy the salon is. If the salon is very busy and hectic, the wait time may be up to one hour. If the salon is not busy, clients can be served immediately. If the client wants a specific haircut, they can describe the style they want to their hairdresser. Many clients see hairstyles advertised in magazines, television, movies and social media. Many clients bring in a picture of reference into the salon on the day of their appointment. When the salon receives the picture of reference, they are able to create a final product that matches the picture. In the event that a hairdresser can not match the photo, they will usually do their best to create a similar look on the client. Hairdressers are skilled individuals who graduated from cosmetology school. Cosmetology school is a unique brand of art. These types of school educate individuals on how to cut, style and treat hair.

Fortress Investment Group

These types of schools also offer programs regarding other beauty treatments. Most salons require that their employees were previously educated in cosmetology school. Stylists have to be educated so they are aware of all the basic rules for proper salon care. Stylists need to have strong leadership roles. Stylist need to be confident in their work and make the client feel as comfortable as possible.

Guilherme Paulus and His Rise to Prominence

Hotelier and entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus is considered by his contemporaries to be one of the most noteworthy businessmen of his era. Working his way to the top by implementing a mixture of sweat-equity and innovation, Mr. Paulus currently acts as the leader on the Board of Advisors concerning CVC Brasil, as well as GJP Hotels and Resorts. Since launching his first hotel in 1995, Guilherme Paulus has continued to find new ways to enhance the tourism industry, creating new avenues for international travelers, as well as locals seeking to explore new parts of their home country. Today, the GJP brand is one of the most recognizable across the region, operating more than 20 hotels and resorts and employing more than 5,000 people.

Prior to becoming one of Brazil’s most recognizable faces in the tourism industry, Guilherme Paulus worked as an intern for IBM, but a chance encounter with a state deputy, Carlos Vincente Cerchiari, would lead him on a path that would shape the entirety of his professional career. During a boat trip, Mr. Cerchiari intimated that he was considering launching a tourist agency in his home town of Santo Andre, and ultimately offered Guilherme Paulus the opportunity to get the venture off of the ground. Because Mr. Paulus was limited regarding his financial status, he jumped at the opportunity and quickly began implementing a number of his own ideas. The venture was successful almost immediately, and the two created a partnership that would last four years, after which, Mr. Paulus sought to create his own endeavor.

Throughout his career, Guilherme Paulus has remained atop the tourism industry due to his innovative willingness, thus, bringing his own ideas to life, is a major part of his responsibility. From the onset, he’s taken an “act-first,” approach, believing that the effectiveness of an idea remains unknown until it is enacted. In the tourism industry, much of his ability to bring ideas to life relies on staying abreast of the incoming trends. In his estimation, the advancements in cutting-edge tech have made a major difference regarding the intricacies of his hotel business.


How Dr. Dov Rand advances his knowledge to improve his practice

A popular maxim says that the end of school is not the end of education. This is especially true if you are in a fast advancing field such as the medical field, where physicians are always seeking new information. Dr. Dov Rand, the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centres, is the top doctor in his field of practice.

According to Dr. Dov Rand, acquiring new information and conducting research has been one of the primary factors that have made him the top medic. Subsequently, Dr. Dov Rand regularly updates his knowledge by attending several top medical conferences and picking the minds of his peers, because he believes that there is always a better treatment for an illness.

Dr. Dov Rand says that is of utmost importance that he keeps his mind active, as that will trickle down to his practice, and in essence, improving service to his patients. It is this level of passion that Dr. Dov Rand has exhibited in his practice that has gained him a spot among the elite medical practitioners in the United States. Healthy Aging Medical Centres are mainly focused on helping their patients attain maximum health and productivity in the entirety of their lives.

To achieve this, Dr. Dov Rand integrates new medical inventions in his practice, so that his patients receive the best care available. One of the conditions that Dr. Dov Rand has addressed uniquely is erectile dysfunction, which is a common illness in the modern era. While most physicians will only treat the condition by prescribing the existing treatment plans, Dr. Dov Rand goes the extra mile and examines in depth the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

This means that Dov Rand addresses dietary, general physical fitness and nutrition, as opposed to just prescribing medicine. This is part of Dr. Dov Rand’s practice philosophy that zeroes on holistic treatment, which is centered on the patient.

Dr. Dov Rand was an undergraduate student at Rutgers University and afterward attended Howard University for his medical studies. After years of practice, established Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which has gained a reputation as the ideal place for anti-aging services, bio-identical hormone therapy, and weight loss assistance.

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Oren Frank: Why Talkspace is the New Platform for Providing Diagnosis and Treatment for Patients with Mental Disorders

Mental health issues such as anxiety in addition to depression continue to be on the rise across the world. Being a global leader in offering online therapy for patients with such illnesses, Talkspace announced that it’s serious about hiring additional employees and has recently brought on board Neil Leibowitz, who initially worked at UnitedHealth as an executive health director. This addition comes as the online therapy provider shapes its enterprise by transforming into a potential IPO.

Regarding the new appointment of an executive, Oren Frank, the CEO of Talkspace stated to CNBC that as a company that provides a $ 79 weekly service for having a talk with a therapist online or approximately $ 49 service for texting a mental healthcare professional, the firm recently hit 1 million subscribers after over five years of serving in business. He added that the organization is generating millions of dollars in profits. Read more about Oren Frank at

The primary focus of the organization is providing mental healthcare to patients. With Leibowitz on board, Talkspace’s healthcare practitioners will soon be prescribing medicine particularly when it’s needed. Independent consultants who also serve as psychiatrists will be in a position to prescribe medication and therapy via the created video tool because of the federal regulations. Leibowitz also added that Talkspace hasn’t decided if there are medications it will avoid prescribing, for instance, opiates. Being a former insurance executive, Mr. Leibonwitz is bringing on corporate board experience, which Oren Frank believes will represent half of the organization’s revenue. The organization was getting into traction in the same area because of a partnership with Magellan Health.

Oren Frank is a firm believer in the influence of innovation to a better society. Born and raised in Israel, he developed a strong career background in marketing as well as advertising. He resides in New York and is the head cheerleader of Talkspace.

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Steve Ritchie And The Pizza Industry


The significance of pizza is to satisfy our hunger and craving. It has been a delicious and favorable meal for decades now because of its available options of flavors, crust, and toppings. Pizza is the most common food that is served when it comes to celebrations and parties, it promises to be there for you in any occasion just like Papa John’s Pizza.

The Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s International is Steve Ritchie. Ever since he became the President of Papa John’s the company’s progress developed and grew all the more and the wonderful taste of Papa John’s pizza is loved by millions of people all over the globe. Today, Papa John’s is considered as one of the largest and the third biggest pizza company ever.

Meet the CEO of Papa John’s

A brief background of Steve Ritchie PapaJohn’s would be his dedication and commitment to the company for over two decades ever since 1996. The man certainly deserves the Chief Executive Officer position that he was able to acquire last January 2018. Before becoming the CEO of the organization, he has worked different roles such as becoming a franchise owner of Papa John’s, delivery driver, area supervisor, general manager, customer service representative, vice president, director, and chief operating officer. Steve Ritchie clearly knows and understands how the company operates because of his positions and roles in the past.

The career of Steve Ritchie has been shaped and molded at Papa John’s, and the whole organization is very grateful for his loyalty, hard work, and perseverance. The company was rated as number one in the United States of America for 16 times over the past 18 years by the ACSI or the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Papa John’s has more than a hundred and twenty thousand employees worldwide and more than five thousand stores located in every area and most countries of the world.

According to Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s value respect, fairness, opportunity, and equity. It continues to innovate and build ideas that are suitable for the people who support the company and their whole organization in the long run. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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Paul Mampilly Sets His Investments Sights On Technology, Food Delivery Services, And Much More

One of the best financial advisors is parting with his wisdom for the everyday average American. Paul Mampilly has a library of knowledge, information, and experience in which he writes about in his newsletter Profit Unlimited. In 2016, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing to create his mega popular newsletter with over 100,000 subscribers to date.

In addition to his newsletter, the financial expert has two trading services called Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. This career as a financial writer is on the heals of a 20 plus years working on Wall Street managing multi-million dollar hedge funds. Paul Mampilly has won multiple awards and has been featured on Fox Business News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and much more.

Paul Mampilly has a few growing trends to watch in the next coming year. These are very smart to invest in, according to Mr. Mampilly. Precision medicine is going to change the face of the medical industry forever. Patients will get more accurate diagnosis, treatment, and much more with this new revolution of medicine. It takes a patient’s very personalized data including their DNA to help the doctor understand their situation or issue. It is very personalized and will change everything for patients.

The next growing trend is food delivery services. They are growing at a rapid rate right now and will continue to do so. Blue Apron and Hello Fresh are some of the biggest meal delivery services out there. It is all the ingredients shipped to the customer’s door so they can cook it in under 30 minutes. It’s healthy, easy, and people don’t have to figure out an complicated recipes to make. It also cuts down on waste, which is environmentally friendly and millennials love that.

One more huge trend that Paul Mampilly recommends readers invest in is the Internet of Things. It is devices that are interconnected to each other and the internet. This will impact the world indefinitely as a whole by making life easier, safer, and efficient. The Internet of Things will impact almost every industry known to man from homegoods, to life-saving devices, and the vehicle industry. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus, A New York City Patron

Victoria Doramus, a New York City friend, sets the example of a true philanthropist. As a patron for humanitarian needs, Doramus began her career in the areas of creative writing and marketing. With a focus on trend analysis and project management skills, she understands the nature of success. Today, hailed as an Recovery Expert in the area of a Nonprofit Organization Management, spends much of her time volunteering.

With a keen ability to teach individuals to overcome misconceived failures, Victoria Doramus takes part in the New York City, Woman’s Prison Association (WPA). This nonprofit advocacy organization assists women throughout this overwhelming process. Whether within the initial stages or during the sentence time, volunteers participate with peer supported mentoring. When faced with incarceration, Doramus draws from her own experience and wants no one to feel alone.

Another endeavor, Victoria Doramus supports is crisis of suicide and drug abuse. Again, drawing from her own experiences, Doramus understands the importance of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. This charity (started by the singer’s parents) focuses on the prevention of other young adults falling victim to this preventable epidemic. Providing an artists (through the availability of a practice music studio and a halfway house) a productive way to their dreams and aspirations.

Two other commendable areas include the Room to Read, literacy program and the Best Friends Animal Society. Respectively, children benefit from the accessibility of books and animals gain a sanctuary from puppy mills. Doramus believes everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive from neglect and abuse. Visit This Page for additional information.

Victoria Doramus plans to continue her success gained from her creative communication skills to reach out to others faced with difficult challenges. Through her skills as a marketing expert, New York City communities and worldwide prosper from her experience and knowledge. With a compassionate heart, Doramus offers a much needed, commendable value to society.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick Continues To Rise In The Industry


Kisling Nestico & Redick is located in Ohio and is popularly known for providing worldly injury law representation throughout the state and the whole nation. Kisling Nestico & Redick has established its reputation by being one of the state’s leading exclusive injury firm because of its in-depth knowledge about insurance, strong personal service, and large and vast legal experience that the firm brings to each case that they handle.

About the Company

Last 2005, the attorneys of the firm had the vision to create a leading personal injury firm. The lawyers named Gary Kisling, Rob Nestico, and Robert Redick took the risk of building their own firm and launching their new firm in Ohio. The three lawyers have greatly contributed their passion and skills in order to successfully put up the firm. After almost a decade, the firm has risen into one of the biggest personal injury law firms in Ohio. Visit This Page for additional information.

Today, Kisling Nestico & Redick or commonly known as KNR has over 30 dedicated and strong lawyers, almost a hundred of support staff, and expanded throughout the state of Ohio by creating 11 more firms. KNR is committed to seeking justice for those who are injured in accidents.

Help Raise Funds In Ohio

Every year the firm has its Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. The campaign was made in order for the three lawyers to show their full support to the people in need. Each icy plunge contributes to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. The law firm is positive that it will be able to raise more than 25,000 US Dollars this year.

The personal injury lawyers have a strong belief and passion when it comes to helping and assisting the victims who suffered from injuries just because of the negligence of others. The firm has earned a few multi-million dollar agreements and settlements on behalf of the victims who were injured. Each person represented by the firm is being defended and fought for by the best lawyers regardless of the intensity and severity of the case.

Kisling Nestico & Redick is very proud of their success as a firm in building an industry that promotes and changes in Ohio.